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01-02-2011, 05:04 AM
So, I've been getting back into poker this past month...always been interested, but moreso with watching, only because I hate playing with people because they all think they're pros...so I joined full tilt poker...nice interface, graphics, very easy to use...cool...9 players per table, a little much for my liking, but whatever...so I would fill my chips, and most of the time I would go all in, but moreso so I could see the other hands, just to see if I was putting them on their hands or not...I am basically posting this thread because of this though...it's play money, so I get it...It's meaningless, people are clearly going to play "loose", and I have NO problem with that because that's what I am doing...the problem I have is that I have NEVER seen so many bad beats and players having NO business even BEING in the hand after the flop and ending up winning. It's almost, and I'm not joking, as if the computer program was encouraging playing badly...and as if it were set up this way. I'm talking I would have Ace Jack, and someone would have 4 6, and the flop would be A J 3, I'd bet a LOT, clearly knowing there's only 2 hands that would be beating me, the guy with 4 6 would RAISE ALL-IN (It's online poker, everyone's a star haha), and I'd call...next 2 cards would be 5 7, and the other player would win with a straight when he/she had NO business being in the hand, NONE...and this was like 80% of the hands, it was a JOKE, so I deleted the program...now I'm at pokerstars and so far it's much better, and less d-bags and seems a little more respectful and better etiquette...anyone else have similar problems at full tilt, or any other poker sites? And lastly, I'm a huge durrrr fan, so if anyone has thoughts/opinions on Dwan, fire away!