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07-09-2010, 02:58 PM
There's been a lot of questions about Carson Palmer. I drove from Chicago to Cincy (never again, btw) to sit in a bar for the first half of a game where the Bears got destroyed 45-10. Looking through his game log on nfl.com made me realize how one game inflated his stats. He only had 233 yards passing, but 5 of his 21 TDs came in that week.

The same thing happened with Jamaal Charles, both in positive and negative ways. First, let's look at the negative. He had 1,120 yards last season, however, 259 of those came in the last week AT Denver. While I'm not saying Charles got lucky, or is a bust, or whatever, numbers are numbers. So that's the negative. The positive is that 968 of those 1,120 yards came weeks 10-16.

So, for fantasy and or real life purposes, who else have you noticed as having inflated stats? I just think it's fun, because a lot of people don't notice these things, and some hometown and local fans on this thread probably remember a dominating performance, or in my case, when Carson, OchoCinco, and Cedric "scumbag" Benson (sorry, had to do it) put on their ninja outfits and took the field.

Andy Freeland
07-09-2010, 03:53 PM
Jerome Harrison - 561 yards in the final 3 games vs bad teams. In his and the team's case, I think it was a good thing, though misleading. He emerged as a big play back. The team, to some degree, found and identity as a running team. And of course finishing the season with 4 straight wins makes for a much more pleasant off-season.

Fred Jackson - 212 week 17 yards against a Colts team that had no interest in being in Buffalo in January to get him over 1000 for the year. A good backup, but not a 1000-yard rusher.

07-09-2010, 06:18 PM
Again with the Mark Twain......."There are three kinds of liars. Liars, damn liars, and staticticians."

Also works with player salaries. We regard these guys as overpaid crybabies playing a game, but take what three quarters of the guys on the roster make in a career and spread it out, it's not a lot for risking your neck, and your brain.