View Full Version : Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Washington defensive coverages

02-22-2011, 12:21 PM
Hi Turk,

I have another 3-4 zone blitz scheme question. In my pages of research, I've discovered that the zone blitz teams use these basic coverages generally:

Cover 1 Man
Cover 2 Zone
Cover 3 Zone
Cover 4 Zone (Or so I was told, but it's used very rarely) Please correct me, if I'm wrong on this one.

Am I missing any coverages you know of man, zone, or combo wise? I'll take any input from the fans, especially Steeler, Packer, Skins fans, or any of the pros. I condensed and simplified this thread, which I originally posted in Cris's forum. Sorry about the previous confusion.

Thank you very much again,