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Hi Turk - I posted this question in another thread but am reposting because I'm interested and dont' want it to get lost. I'm curious as to who your favorite head coaches were and why.

I've found through experience and time that I can usually group coaches (and this goes for any sport/level) into two basic categories. SImply - comfortable or uncomfortable kinds of coaches.

In other terms - a comfortable kind of coach wants his players to be focused and intense, yet comfortable - reward their players when they do well, punish them when they don't. They're usually the calm and collected guys on the sidelines too. Know their roles, their place and get out and execute. Tom Landry and Tony Dungy are great examples, and this kind of coach IMO - is definitely in the minority - especially in a sport like football.

The other kind - uncomfortable guys - want players to perform their best when they're on edge, uncomfortable. Bill Parcells was definitely this kind of coach. Reward players when they do bad - ride their asses like crazy after a big win. Jimmy Johnson was the same way.

There are many other ways to describe what I'm talking about - but I think that might be the simplest way.

Do you agree that coaches fit into these two types? What kind of coach are you?

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I'm putting this here - as it came up as a response to the same question on another thread.

Originally Posted by Colts01
I can tell you Tony Dungy Doesnt try to make his payers feel comfortable,he demanded ALOT of his players,both on and off the field,do not let his calm demeaner fool you,just because he didnt need to cuss his players out doesnt mean he didnt demand as much or more then Parcells and the like....
my 2 cents

You're absolutely right. It's not about demanding top performance. All coaches do. What I'm getting at is the different ways that coaches go about getting their players to put out those top performances. I think that coaches basically fall into two types of categories, and the best I can describe it simply - is as I've done. Another way to understand is from the player perspective. Many football palyers simply don't respond well unless they're on edge about what the coach thinks about them, their job security (i.e. their roster spot on the depth chart) etc. Bill Parcells was notorious for driving his players crazy -and he is and always has been good at finding players that respond well to that type of motivation. Dungy - as far as I can tell - was always straight up with his players and always there to listen to them. Totally different type of motivation - and unless you match that up with highly - self motivated - individuals that are oging to keep finding things to improve no matter how good their palying (I.e. payton manning) - it might not work out well. Same is true for the opposite coach/;player personality matchup = a guys like Paytone Manning and BIll Parcells would probably have had a bad relationship, I think.

(I posted a new thread on Turk's page hoping to get his input on this question - I"m going to put this over there too ok)
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P.S. What got me thinking about this - is something Turk wrote somewhere along the way - about Ken getting benched in favor of him, and then coming back and playing the best he ever played.

Another example is Andy Reid benching Donovan McNabb. Reid is not a 'comfortable' kind of coach IMO - and Donovan got too comfortable with himself I think for Andy Reid's taste.

I don't know - maybe I'm not making sense trying to communicate and write this stuff out here - it sure as heck makes sense to me in the real world though.