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07-31-2010, 12:20 AM
Could anyone else have came up with this idea other than Jerry Jones?

We all know the pros and cons of the 18 game schedule (I am thoroughly against it btw). But as I listen to Goodell's explanation of trying to give a meaningful experience to the NFL fan that the preseason games fail to provide, I can't help but think that it is all bs. It is a money driven idea that looks only at the revenue that is possible to be generated and not to the long-term effects of the player. I also happen to think that as fans we could possibly get burned out of the sport if the season keeps on expanding. And I'm a guy that converts some games to dvd to re-watch them in the off season.

I'm sure that all of the owners got on board with this but it seems like a Jerry Jones idea where greed comes into play. He is the owner that seems to always want to try new things and has enough pull to get an idea off the ground. It could be another owner but, to me at least, this seems like Jerry's idea.

Andy Freeland
07-31-2010, 10:10 AM
I have only heard the commissioner's office talk about the 18 game schedule, but of course they aren't going to push something like this without the support of the owners. Every business is at some point going to ask the question, how can we make more money? In a business where the primary product is football games, the obvious answer is going to be - more football games. I have never heard this idea attributed to Jones and while he may be the most public owner, I wouldn't necessarily assume he's behind this. Jerry Jones has his faults, but greed over football is not one of them. He is first and foremost a football fan, actually he's a Cowboys fan first and a football fan second. There are a few owners that I think would do what's best for the bottom line over what's best for football, but I don't think Jerry is one of them.

07-31-2010, 06:53 PM
or better yet why was it decided to go from 14 to 16 games before?...same reason $$$$$$$$$$$$$

08-07-2010, 11:57 AM
This from Mike Florio filling in for Dan Patrick talking to Goodell:

Florio asked Goodell if the league would abolish preseason games. "The fans have made it incredibly clear they don't like preseason games," Goodell said.
Goodell wants to keep the 20-game format, but says they're still trying to figure out a lot of details, including how to keep players healthy.

My take on this is that the fans (and players) have made it incredibly clear they don't want an 18 game schedule.

They (the fans) also made it incredibly clear they don't want to pay full price for pre-season tickets.

It's also incredibly clear that playing more games will exacerbate injuries.

It's also incredibly clear when you are holding the proverbial "golden egg" you don't use it to make an omelet that no one wants to eat.

It's also incredibly clear that the "NFL suits" are perhaps the greediest people on the planet. (Too close to call against politicians.) But these guys are politicians in their own right.

Goodell and the owners should get their heads out of their asses and concentrate on the game rather than their wallets.