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Turk Schonert
06-21-2010, 08:23 PM
Turk Schonert

The move to an 18 game season seems to be steam rolling toward reality. How is this going to affect the game, the off season, scheduling and contracts? Veteran players and fans dislike preseason games and I agree that 4 is too many. Adding 2 more regular season games isn't going to be as simple as many people think. Lets throw around some of the issues.

First, I think the active game day roster size should increase from 47 to 53. I've never understood why owners pay players their full contracts to sit on the sideline in street clothes when they are completely healthy. I know the argument made by owners and GM's is that with injuries, some teams might not be able to suit up 53 players. My answer to that is, every team has a practice squad, so why not activate the players needed on game day from the practice squad when you have injuries ? Having 53 players available will also allow coaches to take starters off of special teams. Many starters get injured playing extra snaps on special teams, so taking them off of "teams" would cut down their odds to getting injured.

The next thing that I think should happen is that the league should expand the number of teams that make the playoffs. With coaches and players on the hot seat for 2 more games, it makes sense to me to reward more teams.

How coaches handle off season programs, training camp, preseason games and practice during the regular season will surely change. Players are already clamoring about to many hours "at the office" during the off season, and some teams have had practices taken away from them. With fewer preseason games rookies won't have as much time to compete for a starting job or make the team, and draft picks whose schools have late graduation dates will start from behind and have less time to catch up. It also gives new head coaches less time to prepare their teams for the regular season while implementing new schemes on offense, defense, and special teams. I believe it would give teams who haven't changed coaches a distinct edge at the beginning of the season.

Players are going to want bigger contracts for playing 2 more real games. If a salary cap is reestablished in a new CBA the cap will surely have to increase. How much of the pie will the players want ? How much will the owners be willing to give ? How will the TV contract change ?

Scheduling will obviously have to be amended but that's probably the easiest task to take on.

Again, a lot of aspects will change with the addition of 2 more games and I'm sure that there are more then the few that I mentioned. My thought would be to drop 1 preseason game and implement a "Rookie" salary cap and keep a 16 game schedule. The owners would recoup their losses for the 1 preseason game from having a rookie cap. Everything else would stay the same (although I'd still be in favor of 53 players being active on game day).

07-11-2010, 09:59 AM
No, No, No. 1,000 times No!

Did I say No?

07-18-2010, 11:00 AM
Im guessing it will happen but I think any fan with knowledge of the brutal nature of the game would say no,as it is now every game has meaning and as a hardcore fan,every sunday is christmas for 17 weeks a year!