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  1. Milk Duds

    I have no idea why, but I woke up this morning with a vision of Jeff Van Gundy riding Alonzo Mourning's leg.

    For those not familiar with him, he is an announcer for NBA games on some network that broadcasts those things. Dig a little deeper and he is a little bit remarkable in modern day team sport coaching ascension.

    In reverse order, he was the Head Coach of the Houston Rockets.
    Head Coach of New York Knicks.
    Assistant Coach New York Knicks under Pat ...

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  2. Safeties and Linebackers

    In today's game, the Safety as extra Linebacker and Linebacker as extra DT are supporting players at best. Otherwise Brandon Spikes and Donte Whitner would be making 10M per year.

    They both need to be pass defenders first. For my team, anyway. I don't much care how tall most of them are, although I do need someone to cover Gronk who isn't going to be the subject of a red zone jump ball every time we play New England.

    Priorities for each are the same:

  3. How to handle it when I will be going for it on fourth down.

    There are two fronts to the psychological battle, each geared toward the offense being calm and the players expecting success.

    First, there will be open and frank discussion of the fact that we WILL go for it on fourth down in more than dire circumstances. This is from April through February. We are not going to discuss this outside the team, and that will also be mentioned. The players are going to train and practice in an environment of confident audacity. For example, Between ...
  4. Non-coaching staff positions. Incomplete list.

    I will employ:

    1. A trio of video gaming interns. Their primary purpose will be to periodically remind me that it is good to call timeout when down by two scores with four minutes left, increasing the odds that I won't have to rely on an onside kick to get the ball back one more time. Their secondary purpose will be to (not kidding) try stupid crazy ideas in VR, as it were. Run simulations of Gritz Blitz or otherwise non-standard ideas without putting wear and tear on bodies. ...
  5. The value of match ups and Divisional play

    * Winning the division is the closest you can come to writing your own ticket. 6-0 there is halfway to home field advantage in the playoffs.

    The Patriots right now handle this better than anybody. They dictate personnel moves by other teams and then switch out on them. I am envious, as a Bills fan. They bounce between speed, size, and running every year or two. They kick asses with fast receivers, let divisional opponents overspend on corners, and the next year they play three tight ...

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