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  1. Jock versus Statguy I: The Drew Brees Argument

    The following is a new feature that we'll try to bring to FP this offseason, in which we discuss, debate, and argue about football topics from two different viewpoints.

    The two guys duking it out are,

    in the left hand corner, carrying his calculator and looking at his spreadsheets:


    in the right hand corner, watching game tape and studying tendencies,
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  2. Week 10 Efficiency

    So, past the halfway mark, let us look once again at the efficiencies of the units as per previously defined

    The spreadsheet is here,

    And the Efficiency of a unit is measured as Points Scored per play. Remember that this doesn't take into account the points scored by special teams _(FGs, returns or extra points), nor the scoring ability of the defense (TAINTs and fumble returns).

    We'll follow the FP standard of Top 10, bottom 5 for each unit.
  3. Week 8 Strength of Schedule


    The Schedule!

    Strange Days are Coming

    New York Giants: They are 5-2, but did it against a robust combined opponent record of 31%. Ahead lies a road almost twice as hard (61%). I’m not sure they’ll be able to hold on.

    Packers: 7-0, but their past schedule was against a combined 45% record. It get’s a lot tougher (61%). Maybe that means they’ll actually look like they are in a competitive game.

    Chargers: San Diego’s ...
  4. Scoring, week 6

    Scoring, week 6

    In this weeks Edition, let us look at the top 10, bottom 5 scoring teams, and study how they are achieving this.

    1) Green Bay: They are the number 1 scoring team by a margin of 1.5 pts above their competition. They have the second ranked scoring offense and the 6th ranked special teams. It’s not like Mason Crosby is been forced to kick from very far either (only one 50+ yarder, and the other 9 are all under 40 yards.).
    2) Buffalo Bills: The ...

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  5. Efficiency, Week 6

    Efficiency, week 6

    So, Bengals brought up the fact that measuring efficiency by points per yard was producing some wonky results, so I have decided to take a look by measuring efficiency by Point per play instead.

    Remember that this doesn’t take into account XPs or FGs or defensive scoring, but simply the ability of keeping defenses honest.

    Additionally, this is just an additional stat to look at, not a definitive response. PPG, yard per play are also ...
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