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  1. Strength of Schedule and what to expect

    So, we're at week 6, so we have at least a sampling of what teams are. This at least allows us to llok at what teams have done, and against whom, and look what lies ahead of them.

    Clearer Skies ahead

    49ers: Good times in the Bay area, considering they went 5-1 against opponents with a combined winning percentage of 63%. In the next 10 weeks, their rivals combine for a 40% win percentage.

    Pats: The rich get richer. The Pats are looking at opponents with ...
  2. How to Score in the NFL, week 5

    How to score in the NFL.

    There are myriad of ways to score points in the NFL, but they can roughly be divided into 3 units:

    Special Teams: Punt and Kick returns, Extra Points, and FGs are all the responsibility of this unit.
    Offense: These are solely attributed to the offense, either 6 points for a rushing or receiving TD, or 2 points for a conversion after a touchdown.
    Defense: Scoring through TAINT or Safeties, a scoring defense is a scary defense. ...
  3. Week 4: Efficiency

    So no more daring headlines? Let's just look at how team are doing.

    Last weeks ranking in parenthesis.

    1 (3) New York Giants Playing the atrocious Zona Defense will do this.
    2 (5) Green Bay Packers 6 TDs by one guy...
    3 (1) Buffalo Bills So apparently the Bengals Defense is Legit.
    4 (4) Detroit Lions I think that guy wearing 81 should at least be covered in the end zone.
    5 (7) New England Patriots Running the ball might not ...
  4. Week 3: Boys 2 Men

    So, as promised, here come the week 3 efficiencies. You can see where these numbers come from in my previous blog post. Without further ado:


    1. Bills Nobody is better at turning yards into points than the Bills. It helps that the 2 Fitzpatrick Ints came early in drives, so there wasn't alot of wasted yardage.

    2 Oakland Run DMC proved that the Oakland offense is not a joke, by advancing two places from number four last week, and doing it against ...

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  5. Return of the Blog!

    So, you all know my obsession with efficiency over volume stats, so I've prepared a new sheet in which to evaluate how efficient offenses and defenses are.

    CHHF uses their Bendability and Scoreability indexes, which basically are

    Bendability: Yards allowed/ Point Allowed
    Scoreability: Yards Gained / Points Scored

    Of course, these numbers tend to be tainted by special team and defensive scoring. For example, Arizona ranked 13th last year in Scoreability, ...
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