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  1. DBF's Week 3 Nominees and Week 2 Winners!

    Welcome Back! Thanks for reading! I apologize for not getting to this yesterday, like I planned. If you aren't familiar with what is going on, I recommend you read the first post and catch up. And Here We Go!

    The JaMarcus Russell Award- Last Week's Winner: Luke McCown, for his performance that ultimately got him benched the following week.
    This Week's Nominees:
    Tom Brady (30/45, 387, 4 TDs, 4 INTs): Four Interceptions. I know many were tipped, and I know he still ...
  2. DBF's Week 2 Award Nominees!

    Hello and welcome to the Week 2 Awards Nominees! If you are confused about the awards, I recommend you look at the first page (recently updated to include a few fixes from that initial posting). Otherwise, here we go!

    The JaMarcus Russell Award-
    Jay Cutler (19/45, 244, 1 TD, 1 Fumble, 6 Sacks): Sigh. Take out the 10/14 that went to Matt Forte, the percentage drops to 29% completions. He had no help from anybody in this game except for a guy who needs a bigger paycheck ...

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  3. DBF's Week 1 Awards! And a quick rant on Eliminator games

    As promised, here are your week one winners! If the winners are so inclined, please feel free to print out the following statement on a very shiny piece of paper with very special artistic font to make it look like a real certificate

    I, (Your Name Here), Have Proudly Been Awarded DaBearsFan's (Your Award Name Here) For Week 1, 2011!

    And your winners are....
    For the What The....? Award- Cam Newton! I liked Cam Newton's talent a lot in college, but like most people, ...
  4. Week 1 Nominees! With Great Non-QBs, JaMarcus Imitators, and Players who Surprised us

    DISCLAIMER: The following is my best attempt to find the great and not-so-great performances from last week. However, I cannot watch all the games and may have missed some performances. If you would like to nominate someone I missed, please do so. Please. I'm serious.

    Welcome to the Week 1 Award Nominees! As I explained last week, this blog will be my attempt to find and honor some great performances, as well as dishonor the worst of the worst. So, here we go!

  5. A Beginning: Weekly Award Intro and Final Record Predictions

    I've mentioned this within various posts on the forum, but I will be using this blog space as my personal space to begin some weekly awards that I (along with friends) were doing the last couple of years at my dorm in college. My hope is to get input from you without cluttering too much space in weekly forum posts. Schedule permitting, my plan is to announce some preliminary nominees (while taking suggestions, since I can't watch everything) on Tuesday with the Actual Awards being passed out the ...

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