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  1. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Super Bowl XLVI

    Super Sunday! Eli Manning & Tom Brady battled it out for the Final Four Quarters Of Football in the 2011 NFL Season. The game was a bit of a true chess match in terms of the pace & the way the scoring was going. Then, there was the fourth quarter! How about that fourth quarter! Football Fans have to feel like they got their money's worth from this playoff stretch. Yes; I did pick the Patriots to win. I was wrong but the final moments of the game could have been anyone's! One Twitter was ...
  2. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Pro Bowl Sunday

    ALOHA FOOTBALLERS! LOL Yeah, this is THE Pro Bowl Edition of Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan. You may think I'm a low-down, sick, dirty dog but there were some good plays! Honest! The lack of tackling & lack of power in the running from some folks was pathetic; but besides that, it was Great! LOL Good stuff about the Super Bowl players from Bob & the gang during halftime & after the game. Shout-out as usual to for their awesomeness upon awesomeness. Give Peter King's MMQB a read each ...
  3. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Conference Championship Sunday

    HOT DOG! That was a GOOD Conference Championship Sunday! Ok; I know not for Baltimore & San Francisco fans, but still. This is part of the reason why I Love the Game. I Love this time of Year & Yes Why I Love Football! This is riveting stuff. I Love It. I think this is part of the reason why the NFL does get so popular each & every year. There are teams that add intrigue & drama & you can't take your eyes off of it. There's the Twitter connection to it. There's the Fantasy Football ...

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  4. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Divisional Weekend

    Playoffs? Playoffs? Oh Yes, Jim Mora! He had us some Playoffs! Memorable, Record-Breaking, Instant Classic Playoffs. The NFL has so much similarity with past history and current situations, that we think we know but we ain't got no idea! The games speak for themselves and there's no better way to enjoy the games. Men showed how grown they were & teams showed how gelled they were. Hey Kids, You Like Football? This was your weekend; well, it depends what team you were rooting for. Shout-out to ...
  5. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Wildcard Weekend

    HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! We got us a Playoff Party! I know not for everyone but it was competitive and fun to watch. There's things like "The First Time Rookie QBs have faced each other in the Playoffs" and "The First Time the team has made the Playoffs in Team History/In A Long Time". Fascinating storylines everywhere you look & you gotta love it whether your team wins or not. This is where the NFL has some of its finest moments. We'll take a peek-see inside the ...
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