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  1. My Twitter predictions, Week 9.

    Here are my 140 character previews and predictions for this week. I went 10-3 last week.

    I keep waiting for a bad game from the Bengals. CJlite should be contained. Can Haselbeck win it? I'm going to say no. Cin 20 Ten 17

    The Bills D came to play last week. Dareus is a beast. The Jets D has to stop Fitz. I hate the Jets, but I'm going green. NYJ 21 Buf 17

    TJax will start, but Dallas will be motivated after the spanking Philly game them. I can't see Seattle ...
  2. My Week 8 Recap

    Eight weeks down, nine to go. San Francisco and Green Bay seem in good shape, but every other division is a mess. This week-the Steelers break through, the Rams get a win, the Ravens fight back, and the Chargers collapse in a totally new way. Here we go:

    Week 8 Power Rankings:

    32. Indianapolis Colts-I initially though Curtis Painter would lead them to a few wins, and they'd wind up drafting around 3rd or 4th. I change my mind.
    31. Miami Dolphins-Another week, ...
  3. My Twitter predictions

    Every week (well starting last week), I post a preview/prediction for each NFL game, contained in a single 140 character tweet. As suggested by Mr Baxter, I'll now also post them here, so they can be read as a single article, or also by those who don't use Twitter or follow me. So here are each of the previews from my Twitter timeline.

    Benson is out for the Bengals, Jackson is game-time 4 the Hawks. Seattle is at home, and Cincy needs to be able to throw some. Cin 20 Sea 13
  4. My Week 7 Recap

    Week 7 is in the books. My Bengals were off, so I watched a few different games this week, and was generally entertained. This week: The Ravens flop, the Dolphins collapse, the Saints blow up, and the Titans just blow. Here we go.

    Week 7 Power Rankings:

    32. Miami Dolphins-The only thing worse than being a team having to rely on Tebow, is blowing a 2 TD lead in 5 minutes to a team relying on Tebow.
    31. Indianapolis Colts-62?? Really?
    30. St Louis Rams-You ...
  5. My Week 6 Recap

    Another fun week of NFL action has passed, with craziness galore. The big news is the Palmer trade, but this week, the Lions fall, the Bucs bounce back, the Vikings fail to even show up, and Brady does it again. Here we go.

    Week 6 Power Rankings:

    32. Miami Dolphins: Matt Moore picks up right where Chad Henne left off.
    31. St Louis Rams: They're not even sucking for Luck. They just suck.
    30. Minnesota Vikings: Should have just stayed on the bus. Good to ...
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