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  1. safety vs physicality

    With Eric Berry suffering an injury that ended his season this past weekend, and fines issued to a couple of other players for horse-collar tackles, safety has been in the NFL news again. First of all, the block by Steve Johnson, by definition, was legal. I haven't heard anybody argue that point. The question, in my opinion, is whether it SHOULD be. In my view, Johnson came from behind Berry and tried to make a cut block, but because he was coming from an angle behind the safety, Berry was unprepared ...
  2. NFL Week 1 in review

    Week 1 power rankings:

    32. Denver Broncos-Why bother to pick up McGahee, then run it a total of 12 times in a tight
    game, especially when Orton isn't exactly lighting it up?
    31. Seattle Seahawks-Did they borrow the special teams from San Diego?
    30. Indianapolis Colts-Wow. Are the Colts this bad, or is Houston that good? With no Peyton, this is going to be an ugly ugly year. Might as well tank.
    29. Cleveland Browns-One good quarter out of 4 isn't going to ...
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