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  1. Championship week

    So, as Swami noted in the comments section, my picks "Stunk Up the Joint" last week. The statistical indicators let me down.

    Things were looking good early, as the Ravens were dominating the Steelers, and then Ray Rice's fumble turned the tide, gave the Steelers life, and they went out and took the game from the Ravens who seemed to stop trying to win and instead were trying not to lose. The QB discrepancy between the two teams came to the forefront once again, as Big ...
  2. Divisional round playoff preview

    I posted some interesting statistical indicators a little bit earlier this morning, but of course there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Let's look at the games in order:

    1) Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers:
    We've seen all the Peter King stats on how close this rivalry is, and this season was no different. Of course, we've also heard that Ben Roethlisberger has consistently beaten the Ravens when he was the starting QB, including two years ago when the Steelers ...
  3. NFL Playoffs Divisional Round - Statistical Indicator

    Quote Originally Posted by GBPKS View Post
    I was playing around with some numbers yesterday, and found something kind of interesting (and, if you're a Green Bay fan, a little depressing).

    Since the NFL changed to its current format in 2002, there have been 32 divisional round playoff games. The home team (and therefore superior seed) is 20-12. #1 seeds are 11-5, while #2 seeds are 9-7. #3 seeds are 4-5 (which is irrelevant this week since both #3 seeds have been eliminated), #4 seeds are 2-7, #5 seeds are 3-4, and #6 seeds
  4. Playoffs

    I gave up on posting Power Rankings for a couple of reasons - the biggest of which was that the posts were so long that I ended up having to save as draft half the time and then couldn't figure out how to get it posted once it was finished.

    So, we'll try to use a little more economy of language.

    GAME #1: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks
    Unfortunately, these are the two worst teams remaining in the NFC Playoffs and they're facing off in the first round. ...
  5. Week 3 Power Rankings

    I had the post all written this week and then stupidly hit "Create New Post" in the upper corner instead of "Post Now" down below and lost everything, so here's the condensed version.

    1) Pittsburgh (3-0, LW: 5)
    2) Atlanta (2-1, LW: 6)
    3) New Orleans (2-1, LW: 1)
    4) Indianapolis (2-1, LW: 4)
    5) Green Bay (2-1, LW: 2)
    6) Baltimore (2-1, LW: 7)
    7) N.Y. Jets (2-1, LW: 8)
    8) Houston (2-1, LW: 3)
    9) New England ...
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