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  1. Wild Card Weekend Thoughts


    Saints beat SeaHawks

    The ‘Hawks are lucky to make the playoffs, and now they get to play the defending SB Champs. Sorry Seattle.

    [Telling stat: The Seahawks are bottom 3 in the league in Rushing yards and Rushing yards per play]

    Colts beat Jets

    This match-up comes down to the QBS, and even if Peyton is getting a little ‘Favr-y’ these day with all the INTs, he still is better then the Dirty ...
  2. 49ers Game Notes: Week 3

    49ers Game Notes

    I missed watching the 49ers game live because I was at a church picnic. Luckily I DVR’ed the game and these are my in-game notes.

    1st Quarter:
    -- Apparently the Falcons are Pro-Breast Cancer because no one on Atlanta is wearing pink apparel. The 49ers are showing their support with pink Breast Cancer gloves, towels, and sweat bands.
    -- Great special teams play by Taylor Mays at the back of the endzone, tippy toes for the TD after a ...
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