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  1. The Cleveland Browns' Draft, Part II: The Essay That Bores the Living Hell Out of You


    I concede that inevitably, the focus of this draft falls on Weeden, but I think that focus is misplaced. Richardson ought to be at the center of the class. In spite of the fact that the league, the media, and the public have fetishized the quarterback position to a degree that Cleveland sportswriters have publicly drooled over the likes of Joe Flacco—JOE FLACCO!—I still don’t think this is the only way to build a competitive football team. I also think ...

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  2. The Cleveland Browns' Draft, Part I: The Players

    Round 1, Pick 3 – Trent Richardson (RB, Alabama), 5’9”, 228 lbs. – I was banging the table for Richardson all through March and April, and he’s gotten more press than almost any other prospect, so I won’t waste time going over his vitae. I’m delighted that we secured him on Thursday night. I think he was clearly the best player available after Luck and Griffin, and his presence will improve every individual performance on and team scoring output for what was truly a wretched offense last ...

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  3. A Brief History of the Browns, or Why We Will Be Better But Still Struggle in 2011

    I see a lot of Browns fans overreacting to today's admittedly dreadful performance. You can expect to see more games like this, though, when we run into decent-to-good teams. The depth just isn't there yet, and there's good reason for that, about which more in just a moment.

    As for today's game, we knew this team wasn't going to be great this year, and we were weak in some areas that the Titans are strong. We're not fast enough at linebacker, and they have athletic tight ends. Our ...

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  4. This Is The Way The World Ends: Jim Tressel and Ohio Sports

    Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Seven months ago, in the afterglow of Ohio State's sixth consecutive conference championship and before the tattoo scandal began in earnest, I doubt anyone could have predicted Jim Tressel would coach his last football game for Ohio State at the Sugar Bowl, and that it would all fall apart so quickly, so ingloriously, and so pathetically. Hollow or not, Jim Tressel the man means quite a bit to Ohio. I didn't see the end coming, and I didn't see what he means ...

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  5. Why Colt McCoy Should Be the Starting Quarterback of the Cleveland Browns

    I'm from Cleveland, and I know what Cleveland fans are like. When things are going badly, the sky is always falling, and when things are going well, we always believe it's better than it really is. I hope that no one thinks this post conforms to that pattern. That said, I think Colt McCoy has earned another start and ought to be the #1 quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. What I liked:

    (1) He can make NFL throws. This was the biggest knock on McCoy coming into the draft. He owned ...