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  1. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the Titans 38 after we recover an onsides kick and an offsides on the kicking team.

    Hoyer in the game.

    Victory formation time!

    On to the AFC Championship game!
  2. Amy's Avatar
    After the review, Geno Grissom gets sack #7 for the Pats!

    Mariota has a second and 22. He finds Decker for 11, misses Matthews, then finds Davis for 16.

    After a throw away, Grissom gets sack #8! On 3rd and 10, a dump off to Henry gets just 1. That got the game to the two minute warning.

    On the 4th and 9 play, they get an 11 yard TD by Davis.

    35-14 Pats. 1:55 left.
  3. Amy's Avatar
    After the review, the play stands as called. We lose timeout #2 with 4;15 left.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    They start at the 20.

    They put together a long drive.

    Mariota misses Walker, then runs for 6.

    Going back to the air, he finds Decker for 12, misses Walker, finds Matthews for 11.

    After two throw aways, he finds Decker for 22 on 3rd and 10. Johnathon Jones is hurt on that play.

    After the injury timeout, BB challenges the catch. I do not think he will win the challenge.
  5. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 22.

    I hope to see Hoyer in and lets just hand the ball off to Bolden and Develin and run the clock.

    4 plays and a punt.

    5:48 left.
  6. Amy's Avatar
    At this point, we have 30 first downs, they have 39 plays!

    They start at the 25.

    6 plays and a punt. Wise gets sack #6 of the night for us on this drive.

    8:06 left.
  7. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 9 after a hold on Grigsby.

    We get five plays off to end the third.

    Brady had a pass batted down. Lewis runs for 5, White has 14 on a catch, Lewis runs for 5, and then Brady has all day to throw and finds Danny for 27.

    15 minutes to go!

    We stick the dagger in on this drive.

    Brady goes twice to Gronk to start the 4th quarter part of the drive. The first pass is ripped out by the defender, the second goes for 15 yards.

    Then we almost stall. White gets stopped for no gain and Brown knocks down the second down pass. On 3rd and 10, Brady scrambles, almost runs, stops, tosses a crazy pass as he falls backward and Danny catches it for 12!

    Lewis gets the next two plays, 3 on a run, 6 on a pass. Brady sneaks for the first. After White is stopped for no gain, Gronk catches a 4 yard TD.

    35-7 Pats. 10:22 left.
  8. Amy's Avatar
    They start at the 36 after the return and a personal foul call on Brandon King. He headbutted a Titan player after the play. Bad decision, good call.

    In addition, Smith was hurt on the play. Conklin is out for the game officially now as well.

    Three and out. Flowers with a first down sack. Defense is playing great!
  9. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 44.

    A touchdown on this drive might be the dagger.

    We start in the air. Four passes. Gronk (25), Lewis (drop), Cooks (7), Danny (7). Lewis runs for 3, and we call timeout 1 with 5:34 left in the quarter.

    After the timeout, Brady finds Danny for 6. On 3rd and 1 from the 6, we give it to Bolden who gets 3.

    Brady misses Danny, but then gives the ball back to Bolden who gets the 3 yard TD!

    28-7 Pats! 4:02 left.
  10. Amy's Avatar
    They start at the 23.

    Wow. Terrible drive for them.

    False Start Decker.

    Sack by Francois!

    Sack by Flowers.

    On 3rd and 31, Mariota dumps it off for 14 to Henry.

  11. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 24.

    5 plays and a punt.

    Waddle hurt on the drive.
  12. Amy's Avatar
    The Titans start at the 26 after a short kick. They go three and out. Adam Butler with a 3rd down sack.
  13. Amy's Avatar
    The Titans start at the 25. This drive was insane.

    They started by hitting Decker for 12 and we ran OOB. Smart.

    Mariota finds Walker for 4. Walker hurts his wrist and leaves the game. His replacement, Smith is called for a false start. They choose to not call timeout and take the 10 second run off.

    On 2nd and 11, Mariota misses Smith. He then goes incomplete to Decker, but Rowe is called for illegal contact and a Titans first down.

    Mariota goes twice to Taylor and misses both passes. He runs for 9 on 3rd down. He gets out of bounds and they go for it on 4th and 1. Then, they call timeout 3!!! Why?? Henry gets the ball on that play and we drop him for a loss.

    We get the ball back and move it a little bit. We miss a 53 yard field goal to end the half.

    21-7 Pats. Titans get the ball to start the second half.
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  14. Amy's Avatar
    We have a first and 10 at the 19.

    We make them pay. Lewis gets 5. Brady goes to Gronk and misses but Illegal Contact is called on Cyrpien.

    Brady goes to the air. He misses Cooks deep, by a step at the Titans 30. Lewis gets 8, then Danny gets 2 for 18.

    Brady goes back to Cooks, but the pass is low and incomplete. A pass to Gronk gets 6. White runs for 5. Brady goes back to Gronk for 12. Brady finds Danny for 7. After the play, Walden is called for a personal foul that moves the ball to the six. Lewis runs for 3, and we hit the two minute warning with a 2nd and goal from the 4.

    Brady hit and throws it away on 2nd down. On 3rd down, Brady finds Hogan for the TD!

    21-7 Pats! 1:52 left in the half.
  15. Amy's Avatar
    The Titans come into the neutral zone on the punt. We get a first down and keep the ball. OMG!
  16. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 9 after holding on Guy. Three and out.
  17. Amy's Avatar
    The Titans start at the 22. They find Decker for 22, then they go three and a punt from there.
  18. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the Titans 48. Bad punt.

    We rip the defense up. Brady goes to Cooks for 15 and Lewis for 9. Dion got two runs for 15. He goes out. White comes in. He catches a 6 yard pass for a first and goal at the 6. White finishes the drive with a 6 yard TD run.

    14-7 Pats. 9:20 left in the half.
  19. Amy's Avatar
    The Titans start at the 21.

    Henry runs twice for 5. Decker catches the 3rd and 5 yard pass for 9. He was called for OPI. That made it 3rd and 15. Mariota misses Davis and they punt.

    Romo and Nantz don't like the OPI call. I think it was iffy.
  20. Amy's Avatar
    It's funny listening to Romo acting like the Titans just won the game.

    We start at the 27 after a great return by Lewis.

    We run three plays to end the quarter. Brady finds Cooks for 12 then Lewis for 5. Dion runs for 5 and the first to end the quarter.

    We start the second quarter with a 1st and 10 at the 49. We started off with a take to Lewis, a fake end around to Cooks, then a screen to Lewis. He goes to the 19. 32 yard gain and we are in the red zone. It was ruled a TD, but they got it right on review.

    Brady goes right back to Lewis for 15. 1st and goal at the 5! White come in. He gets stopped for no gain on first, put scores on second on the same touch shovel pass KC used in week one to Kelce!

    7-7. 13:18 left in the half.
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