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  1. Tebowmania vs Linsantiy

    In the world of sports, we, as fans, are always looking for the next big story, the next phenomenon, the next hero. This is true now, in the age of the internet, more than ever. It could be a cinderella team making an unexpected run, such as Virginia Commonwealth's unlikely run to the Final Four in 2011. It could be a particular player, who comes from nowhere to grab center stage, like Victor Cruz from the New York Giants. These, and other examples come along every year, in every sport. However, ...
  2. Drinking the Hater-ade

    All sports fans have a favorite team. It's who we root for year in and year out to win championships, and we're emotionally invested in everything they do. We follow even the smallest bits of news that concern our home team, reveling in the good news, devastated by the bad news. We also have favorite players. They might be members of our favorite team, but they don't have to be. Barry Sanders is my favorite football player of all-time, and he never played for my Bengals team. The reasons for liking ...
  3. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Super Bowl XLVI

    Super Sunday! Eli Manning & Tom Brady battled it out for the Final Four Quarters Of Football in the 2011 NFL Season. The game was a bit of a true chess match in terms of the pace & the way the scoring was going. Then, there was the fourth quarter! How about that fourth quarter! Football Fans have to feel like they got their money's worth from this playoff stretch. Yes; I did pick the Patriots to win. I was wrong but the final moments of the game could have been anyone's! One Twitter was ...
  4. Super Bowl Blame Game

    Super Bowl XLVI is now in the books with the New York Giants besting the New England Patriots 21-17. As usual, there are lots of what-if's, should'ves, and hindsight. Praise and blame are passed around in equal distribution, and, as always, the quarterbacks take on the lion's share of both. Eli Manning, a year after being ridiculed for the amount of turnovers he had, has placed himself squarely in the elite category with his 2nd championship, and 2nd Super Bowl MVP award. He deserves all of the ...
  5. Entirely Offensive

    Hack and I Offend Everybody During a Special Super Bowl Podcast

    1. Intro.
    2. Super Bowl 46
    3. Fixing the Pro Bowl
    4. Fixing the Super Bowl. Huh?
    5. 2012 NFL Draft Preliminaries´╗┐
    6. Model American


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