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  1. What Did Your Team Do This Off-Season?

    The Podcast is back today with a romp around all things in the NFL.

    1. Intro
    2. AFC Moves
    3. NFC Moves
    4. Bears
    5. Texans
    6. Texas A&M
    7. Model American
  2. My First Blog. Anywhere!

    Welcome to my world. I hope people like it and I can be thought provoking. I'll try not to be too much a homer.

    In fact, my first blog is about the Kolb trade. I want to break it down more and try to offer deeper analysis then I did on CC's first page thread.

    So, here we go. My premise is that Arizona overpaid for Kevin Kolb. Let's look at some facts:

    1. Arizona needed a QB. This is undisputed. They don't seem to think either of the young guys, ...
  3. Nike Reverses Itself on Vick, Annual on How to Fix Baseball, uh...Rip on Bud


    On this romp, we go through:

    1. Re-visiting The Decision
    2. Mike Vick
    3. NBA Draft
    4. MLB and the Dodgers
    5. MLB and the Schedule
    6. MLB and Instant Replay
    7. Announcements
    8. Model American
  4. Turnover Differential and Regression to the Mean

    Most of us have heard the pundits talk about Turnover Differential as one of the keys to winning football games. The logic behind it is is simple and impeccable. A Turnover is a lost opportunity to score. Minimize those lost opportunities for your team, and/or maximize lost opportunities for your team, and you will most likely win.

    Throwing picks is based mostly on personnel (non gambling QBs, non-alligator armed WRS), as is intercepting the ball (good hands, good schemes). But there ...
  5. Espn: The article


    This may be a dangerous article to write. I am not a journalist; I am just a guy who has enough of an ego to think that my thoughts on sports and the real world is something other people need to hear. I have just finished reading “Those Guys Have All the Fun” by James Andrew Miller. I did not learn that much. I did learn that ESPN is an entity that has plenty of problems, but we helped create some of them. Societal reactions to ESPN and the subsequent ...