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  1. My week 5 Recap

    Week 5 is in the books, and the bye weeks have begun. This week, the Niners surprise, the Jets have internal issues, the Bills rebound, and Tebow-mania fires up. Here we go.

    Week 5 Power Rankings:

    32. Miami Dolphins-Sage Rosenfels should have had a 1-hr ESPN special to announce he was going to Miami.
    31. St Louis Rams-They get an extra week to prepare for Green Bay. They need an extra year.
    30. Indianapolis Colts-Somebody apparently reminded them they ...
  2. Journal of A Mad NFL Fan Week Five

    Week Five has come and gone but Man oh Man was it filled with the usual intrigue that keeps us Football Junkies. We had a key substitution, another team off the O-Fer snide and a game winning INT that clinched an emotional win. We send Love to for their assistance with the box scores, stats and more reality of the crashing dreams of the Philly team!

    -We start with the Raiders visiting the Houston Texans. Now, look. We know that Al Davis was made fun of for various reasons in ...
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  3. Why the front office matters

    Two weeks before the season started, the Colts signed the retired Kerry Collins for 4 million after learning that Peyton Manning would miss at least three months of the season. This move was not popular in the Colt locker room, where even the rarely headling making Reggie Wayne called out his teams front office for the move.

    Five days before the season started, South Jacksonville High released David Garrard and his 8 million dollar salary. The reasons given to CBS, who shared them ...
  4. (Unsuccessful) Handicapping Update

    Well, my day job is in the investment arena so my blogging has been minimal of date and will probably be sporadic this year. No great loss to the community!

    I did want to update a couple of topics, though. This year’s Hilton SuperContest set a record for entrants, assuredly as a result of publicity last year engendered by Bill Simmons entering, writing and tweeting about the contest and Chad Millman not only doing the same but talking about the legal proxy services available for ...
  5. My week 4 recap

    We're a quarter of the way through the season. Week 4 saw Minnesota lose the ALCS (or is it win?), Buffalo lose their unbeaten record, Dallas and Philly lose big leads, and the Jets lose an ugly one. Here we go:

    Week 4 Power Rankings:

    32. Minnesota Vikings-Well, at least they didn't blow a 2nd half lead this time. Is that an improvement?
    31. Miami Dolphins-Things actually have gone from bad to worse.
    30. St Louis Rams-Have played a horrendous schedule, ...