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  1. (Unsuccessful) Handicapping Update

    Well, my day job is in the investment arena so my blogging has been minimal of date and will probably be sporadic this year. No great loss to the community!

    I did want to update a couple of topics, though. This year’s Hilton SuperContest set a record for entrants, assuredly as a result of publicity last year engendered by Bill Simmons entering, writing and tweeting about the contest and Chad Millman not only doing the same but talking about the legal proxy services available for ...
  2. My week 4 recap

    We're a quarter of the way through the season. Week 4 saw Minnesota lose the ALCS (or is it win?), Buffalo lose their unbeaten record, Dallas and Philly lose big leads, and the Jets lose an ugly one. Here we go:

    Week 4 Power Rankings:

    32. Minnesota Vikings-Well, at least they didn't blow a 2nd half lead this time. Is that an improvement?
    31. Miami Dolphins-Things actually have gone from bad to worse.
    30. St Louis Rams-Have played a horrendous schedule, ...
  3. Week 4: Efficiency

    So no more daring headlines? Let's just look at how team are doing.

    Last weeks ranking in parenthesis.

    1 (3) New York Giants Playing the atrocious Zona Defense will do this.
    2 (5) Green Bay Packers 6 TDs by one guy...
    3 (1) Buffalo Bills So apparently the Bengals Defense is Legit.
    4 (4) Detroit Lions I think that guy wearing 81 should at least be covered in the end zone.
    5 (7) New England Patriots Running the ball might not ...
  4. Journal of a Mad NFL Fan Week Four

    Another Wild NFL Week. I Love how there is intrigue in each game and there is a true test with the players no matter what the score nor the record. Last year's League Laughing stock Niners are making a case for being one of the best teams in the League. Other teams like the Bills have landed back down to earth but remember a cliche "You play one game at a time"! Week Four delivered but that's the bad news! It's already NFL Week Four in the books! Enjoy it while it lasts-------- [Source ...
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  5. One Wish

    This is from my blog, but I thought I'd just post it here.

    There's a lot that I could do with but a single wish. So much could be done to improve my year. I could wish that my Cincinnati Bengals wouldn't suck, that we'd have a run at the top, and better yet, the Steelers would have a turn at the bottom of the league for 20 years or so. Andy Dalton really WOULD be Joe Montana, with AJ Green as his Jerry Rice. There would be no more legal ...

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