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  1. 2011 Opening Handicapping Comment

    The Swami is back for another season of intermittent blogging on the subject of handicapping, especially as it pertains to the National Football League. This is a truly gray area, certainly for the league and probably for Cris’s site. The NFL has, as far as I can tell, a staunch official anti-gambling policy. And yet, most observers would argue that part of its phenomenal success is due to its undeniable handicapping allure. (For what other reason would the injury reports require such full disclosure ...
  2. It's The Mega Podcast NFL Preview

    It's is time for the best time of the year.

    This year we planned on two hours, but instead, we did three.

    Two podcasts were needed for this season:

    Podcast I

    1. Intro (0-9 minute mark)

    2. AFC East (9-30)

    3. AFC South (31-50)

    4. AFC West (51-1:11)

    5. AFC North (1:11-1:30)

    Podcast II

  3. Predictions!

    Well, since kickoff is soon, I want to do my predictions for the season.

    We'll start in the NFC:

    East: Eagles. I don't trust the Cowboys, Giants are already incredibly beat up on defense, and all I need to say is John Beck/Rex Grossman for Washington.

    North: Packers. Easy pick. I think Minnesota will be better then last year, the Bears will be worse, and Detroit will make noise, but fall shy of the playoffs.

    South: Falcons. Saints ...
  4. Building a team

    Congratz! You found a few billion dollars, bought an NFL team, and moved it to LA.

    I dunno why you'd move it either, but you did.

    So, you want a championship run and so, as the owner, you say "Hmm, what do I need to have more then anything to do that."

    So, you come here, and do a poll and the answer is: "ZOMG, A QB!!"

    But, that's wrong.

    Well, not totally wrong. An elite QB is good, though you can win ...
  5. What Did Your Team Do This Off-Season?

    The Podcast is back today with a romp around all things in the NFL.

    1. Intro
    2. AFC Moves
    3. NFC Moves
    4. Bears
    5. Texans
    6. Texas A&M
    7. Model American