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  1. Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Week Three

    WHOA! What a Wild Week Three. So many down to the wire, don't turn now, Thank God for Picture-In-Picture and NFL RedZone games were played. Some teams showed that you can't sleep on them [Bills] and other teams showed us that maybe a player's only meeting wasn't the thing [Vikings]. Nonetheless, these folks in the front offices and in the Fan Nation of teams may seen enough to know what their team is but yet there's still so much football left to be played. For instance, either your team has a dependable ...
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  2. Week 3: Boys 2 Men

    So, as promised, here come the week 3 efficiencies. You can see where these numbers come from in my previous blog post. Without further ado:


    1. Bills Nobody is better at turning yards into points than the Bills. It helps that the 2 Fitzpatrick Ints came early in drives, so there wasn't alot of wasted yardage.

    2 Oakland Run DMC proved that the Oakland offense is not a joke, by advancing two places from number four last week, and doing it against ...

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  3. DBF's Week 2 Award Nominees!

    Hello and welcome to the Week 2 Awards Nominees! If you are confused about the awards, I recommend you look at the first page (recently updated to include a few fixes from that initial posting). Otherwise, here we go!

    The JaMarcus Russell Award-
    Jay Cutler (19/45, 244, 1 TD, 1 Fumble, 6 Sacks): Sigh. Take out the 10/14 that went to Matt Forte, the percentage drops to 29% completions. He had no help from anybody in this game except for a guy who needs a bigger paycheck ...

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  4. Return of the Blog!

    So, you all know my obsession with efficiency over volume stats, so I've prepared a new sheet in which to evaluate how efficient offenses and defenses are.

    CHHF uses their Bendability and Scoreability indexes, which basically are

    Bendability: Yards allowed/ Point Allowed
    Scoreability: Yards Gained / Points Scored

    Of course, these numbers tend to be tainted by special team and defensive scoring. For example, Arizona ranked 13th last year in Scoreability, ...
  5. NFL Week 2 in review

    Well, week 2 is done. My Bengals are 1-1, my fantasy team is 0-2, and Kansas City is so bad, they should get an extra loss. Detroit goes crazy, Buffalo wins a wild one, and the Ravens lay an egg. Here we go:

    Week 2 Power Rankings

    32. Kansas City Chiefs-This team sucks in spades, and now no Eric Berry or Jammaal Charles.
    31. Seattle Seahawks-This team sucks in sp...wait, nevermind. Team Luck candidate #1.
    30. Indianapolis Colts-I don't know, was this week ...