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  1. Jock versus Statguy I: The Drew Brees Argument

    The following is a new feature that we'll try to bring to FP this offseason, in which we discuss, debate, and argue about football topics from two different viewpoints.

    The two guys duking it out are,

    in the left hand corner, carrying his calculator and looking at his spreadsheets:


    in the right hand corner, watching game tape and studying tendencies,
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  2. OFF TARGET: NFL Injuries, NCAA Ineptitude

    Blots is back on as we discuss the World Series, bad tackling, NFL stories, NCAA ineptitude and more.

    1. Intro (0-2)
    2. World Series (3-12)
    3. NFL Injuries, Chiefs, AFC East, Titans (13-39)
    4. Cleveland Browns and Quarterbacks (40-47)
    5. Chicago Bears (48-58)
    6. Random New Clips, Former Model American ...
  3. Chicago closes Cabrini Green

    Today the city of Chicago is closing the last of the famed Cabrini Green low income highrises, the original "projects", upon which a decade of misguided public housing projects were based. Overseen by famed mayor Richard Daley, they were opened with high hopes for the city's poor, primarily African Americans, but quickly turned into a new type of urban jungle, known more for gang wars and killings than upward mobility.
    Being the symbol that they were, and with most of my extended ...

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