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  1. The Pick Six...a Killer

    The-pick six is one of the most back breaking plays in Football. Your offense is on the move, your QB tries for a big play, and the momentum shift is so brutal that many team can’t recover. Only the Punt or kick return for a TD can have a bigger effect on a crowd and morale of a team.

    Pro- football Reference. Com just came out with this lists:

    Of course Brett Favre sits atop of the list, but since he owns the volume record, ...

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  2. Why Colt McCoy Should Be the Starting Quarterback of the Cleveland Browns

    I'm from Cleveland, and I know what Cleveland fans are like. When things are going badly, the sky is always falling, and when things are going well, we always believe it's better than it really is. I hope that no one thinks this post conforms to that pattern. That said, I think Colt McCoy has earned another start and ought to be the #1 quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. What I liked:

    (1) He can make NFL throws. This was the biggest knock on McCoy coming into the draft. He owned ...
  3. My Ballot

    In observance of the first BCS standings coming out tonight, I made my own top 25 ballot. If anybody remotely affiliated with the BCS wanted my opinion, this is what it would be:

    1. Boise State
    2. Oregon
    3. Oklahoma
    4. TCU
    5. Auburn
    6. Utah
    7. Michigan State
    8. LSU
    9. Missouri
    10. Oklahoma State
    11. Arizona
    12. Alabama
    13. Iowa
    14. Stanford
    15. Florida State
    16. Wisconsin
  4. New Polishguy Podcast Up

    1. I Dismantle the Texas Rangers

    2. More Baseball Replay.

    3. A Unique Discovery in the Brett Favre Case.

    4. Model American.

    Buster Onley agreed with the podcast twice this week and Gregg Easterbrook did, too. Of course, I brought up the ideas months ago.
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  5. IQ rating, 2010 Week 5

    The IQ rating simply looks at each player in two major, easy-to-understand categories and ranks them by average in these categories.

    NPP - Negative Pass Plays - This is how often a QB's pass plays end in either a sack or interception, expressed as a percentage over his total attempts. Smart QBs with bad lines learn to get rid of the ball quickly so as not to get sacked, and smart QBs don't throw bad passes that can get picked off. So a low NPP reflects a smart QB.

    YPA ...