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  1. The players we need in order to be successful:

    In no particular order, the positions for which good enough will not be sufficient:

    1. Center - he runs the offensive line. I want someone who is tough, smart, and a natural leader. Also quick hands and feet. Would help if he was farmer-strong.
    2. Punt and kickoff gunner - knowing that not only will you likely never give up a return for touchdown but will more often than not net no return on punts is a beautiful thing.
    3. Offensive Tackles - not saying it is OK to break ...

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  2. L'Audace! L'Audace! Toujour l'Audace!

    As George Patton often said: the thing I just wrote in the subject line.

    There is a time for becoming conservative, and lemme tell Mr. Jauron, it isn't the second you get a one point lead in the first quarter, as a rule. I want to push forward at all times. On offense, defense, and kicking teams. Always be on the hunt for an advantage. Always be ready to capitalize on a mistake. Always be ready to bounce back form a failure. 4th and 1 on their 45? Bet your bippy we are going for it, ...
  3. For my quartebacks

    1. I want you to be able to call your own plays.
    2. Accuracy under pressure
    3. Decision making under pressure
    4. Mobility in the pocket
    5. Not a douchebag
    6. Physical, mental, and emotional toughness.

    If you don't have 2 through 6, I will always be looking for someone who does. That said, I value continuity and consistency, so if you are a middle of the pack guy who lacks some polish, say a little less mobile or a little too aggressive, I am not ...
  4. For the personnel department:

    1. Acquiring players. In the draft, offer my Head Coach three guys when it is our turn. If he hates hates hates one, don't do it. If he is on the fence, think long term.
    2. Do not trade an extra first round draft pick for any but a generational player, and that player better be a QB or pass rusher.
    3. Speak honestly with everybody.
    4. Do not trade, trade for, or cut a guy without the input of head coach, coordinator, and position coach. When it comes to removing players, I ...
  5. For the defensive coordinator:

    I believe that Bill Walsh was and always will be correct that the key to success is a sustained fourth quarter pass rush. I have also always inferred that the pass rush should ought to be good from the first to the third quarter as well.

    How to do this? Depends on your guys. If you have gifted pass rushers, great. If you don, then you need to hire Dick LeBeau. Or at least incorporate a variety of blitz packages, both zone blitz wherein the pressure comes heavy from a hopefully unexpected ...

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