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  1. Players Demonstrate Solidarity

    Quote Originally Posted by bluestree View Post
    LMAO! Who loves ya', baby? Fess, you're my brother from another mother.
    This is a testament to how awesome this site is. I cannot think of anyone I disagree with more, on more issues, than my man Bluestree. The best part of this is, that we are both die hard Packer guys who agree on everything football and cooking. Middle East Peace talks? Nahh. Getting two guys to reach across the isle? Football...
  2. Holy Crap, I am on...

    I think I may be the first person not named Andy to post a blog on the FPL website. First I would like to thank God, my wife, my mom, etc.....

    But seriously, football starts tomorrow. I couldn't be happier about that. I get my fill with the NFL on this website. I don't get it much in Western Kentucky because, well, it is Western Kentucky. We don't have any sports teams. But that's cool. I have FPL. Just a few thoughts...

    I think about the possible lockout situation ...

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  3. Where are the Blogs?

    Our pros will be writing articles instead of blogs, since blogs and articles are really the same thing. The blog section will be for users. Once you have reached 'advanced user' status (registered for 90 days and have at least 100 posts), you will be able to post your own blogs here at
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