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  1. The beginnings of my rambling manifesto on how to be an outstanding professional team

    When you are facing anybody, and you are asked how to beat them, what do you say and what do you not say?

    1. We need to pressure the quarterback.
    SAY: To interfere with the timing on their pass plays. If I need to expand, I would like to point out that he is a tough, tough player, and you aren't going to rattle him or make him nervous. What we want to do is make him get rid of the ball earlier than he might like. That way, the ball will be delivered ...
  2. Frantic February-Bryant, Rose, Hamilton and More.

    Did Dez Let His Contract Get Away?

    Blots is back as we discuss all sports in a jam-packed podcast.

    1. Intro (0-2)

    2. Super Bowl Recap (3-8)

    3. Winston/Mariota (9-16)

    4. In the News
    -Dez Bryant (17-25)
    -Rondo (26-30)
    -Rose (31-36)

    5. NBA General Notes (37-49)

    6. MLB Top Ten (50-57)
    -Josh ...

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  3. The Super Bowl 49 Podcast

    It's been a while, but Blots and I are back.

    1. Intro (0-1)
    2. Random NFL Topics (2-9)
    3. Highs and Lows (10-14)
    4. Some Coaching Hire Stuff (15-18)
    5. Bears (19-26)
    6. Super Bowl, More NFL News (27-57)
    7. Model American (58-1:00)

    MP3: Super Bowl Podcast
  4. Week 13 2014: Bengals at Buccaneers

    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    I don't know that I have ever seem them win a game they deserved more to lose.

    Cannot believe that worked out.

    Good on marvin for the 12 guys on field complaint.
    So did Wilcots.
  5. Trust The Man? NFL News, World Series, More

    NFL News, World Series, The First Time I Had to Edit a Joke

    1. Intro (0-1)
    2. Bears Questions (2-16)
    3. NFL, What Do We Know? (17-24)
    4. NFC South (25-38)
    5. General NFL Talk (39-52)
    6. World Series (53-59)
    7. Model American (1;00-1:09)


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