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  1. Trust The Man? NFL News, World Series, More

    NFL News, World Series, The First Time I Had to Edit a Joke

    1. Intro (0-1)
    2. Bears Questions (2-16)
    3. NFL, What Do We Know? (17-24)
    4. NFC South (25-38)
    5. General NFL Talk (39-52)
    6. World Series (53-59)
    7. Model American (1;00-1:09)


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  2. NFL Divisional Round- Time to Get Serious

    The Podcast Welcomes Tom Musick from The Northwest Herald and along with Blots to discuss the NFL Divisional Playoffs.

    Part One: Tom Musick
    1. Intro (0-2)
    2. The Baseball HOF, Steroids (3-14)
    3. Jay Cutler deal and the Chicago Bears off-season (15-32)
    4. NFL Divisional Playoffs at Glance (33-40)

    Part Two: Blots
    5. ...
  3. The Wild Card..... Playoffs

    The 2013 Wild Card Preview with Blots

    1. Intro (0-2)
    2. The NFL Coaching Fires/Hires (3-13)
    3. Kansas City at Indianapolis (14-21)
    4. New Orleans at Philadelphia (22-31)
    5. San Diego at Cincinnati (32-40)
    6. San Francisco at Green Bay (41-51)
    7. Cutler Contract Argument (52-1:12)
    8. Model American (1:13-1:18)

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  4. Jock versus Statguy I: The Drew Brees Argument

    The following is a new feature that we'll try to bring to FP this offseason, in which we discuss, debate, and argue about football topics from two different viewpoints.

    The two guys duking it out are,

    in the left hand corner, carrying his calculator and looking at his spreadsheets:


    in the right hand corner, watching game tape and studying tendencies,
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