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  1. For the defensive coordinator:

    I believe that Bill Walsh was and always will be correct that the key to success is a sustained fourth quarter pass rush. I have also always inferred that the pass rush should ought to be good from the first to the third quarter as well.

    How to do this? Depends on your guys. If you have gifted pass rushers, great. If you don, then you need to hire Dick LeBeau. Or at least incorporate a variety of blitz packages, both zone blitz wherein the pressure comes heavy from a hopefully unexpected ...

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  2. Extra offensive play calling rules.

    4. It is OK to run from a spread formation and to throw from a tight one. I would go so far as to say it is necessary from time to time.

    5. It is not necessary to employ a fullback if you are not going to throw it to him or hand it to more than once a game. You are better served using an extra tight end or receiver to help shrink the defense and block down field on running plays.

    6. If the opposing defense is playing that game where nobody gets into a three point stance ...
  3. For the coordinators...

    Offensive play calling rules:

    1. A screen pass or a draw play will only be called in the following circumstances:
    a. The opposing defense has been getting disruptive pass rush in at least the last few plays
    1. Unless it is the first play of a drive and you expect them to be coming hard and fast right out of the gate
    b. The clock has not stopped for more than a runner going ob
    1. Unless you have just received a 5 yard penalty on first ...
  4. What your coaches need to be:

    What makes an excellent head coach?

    Hire well and get out of the way. Your game day responsibilities are these:

    1. Know the clock and situation at all times.
    2. Guide the coordinators on your own personal aggression scale, specifically when and where to attack versus when to be on the edge of recklessness in your attack, and when to slow it down to either give one side a breather or shorten the game. For example, you don't have to huddle to take 28 seconds between ...
  5. The beginnings of my rambling manifesto on how to be an outstanding professional team

    When you are facing anybody, and you are asked how to beat them, what do you say and what do you not say?

    1. We need to pressure the quarterback.
    SAY: To interfere with the timing on their pass plays. If I need to expand, I would like to point out that he is a tough, tough player, and you aren't going to rattle him or make him nervous. What we want to do is make him get rid of the ball earlier than he might like. That way, the ball will be delivered ...
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