• Penthouse to Outhouse - Week 12

    There are 9 Outhouse seats this week, is there anyone/anything that you saw which deserves the 10th spot? There were plenty of good performances this week, did I miss a deserving performance? Aaron Rodgers has attained "Elvis" status and gets his own Penthouse floor (just like Elvis in Las Vegas), so he doesn't qualify for a suite. Here are my Penthouse Sweets and my Outhouse Stinkers for Week #12.

    Penthouse Sweets

    (Suite 1A) Baltimore Ravens Defense - Allowed a mere 6 pts, gave up only 170 yds (74 Rushing, 96 passing), allowed 2-12 (16%) 3rd down conversions, picked off 1 pass, and recorded 9 sacks against the 9-1 SF 49ers. Suggs was a beast (3 sacks). All this without their leader MLB Ray Lewis.
    (Suite 2A) Tom Brady - Shredded the Eagles defense with his decision making and his accuracy. Completed 24-34 (70.5%) for 361 yds & 3 TDs. He also ran for 28 yds ... yeah I said ran. Hit Gronkowski for a 24 yd TD by threading the ball into a window the size of a quarter. Vintage Brady will be tough to beat for the rest of the AFC.
    (Suite 3A) Beanie Wells - Carried the day offensively for the Cardinals. Beanie ran 27 times for 228 yds and 1 TD. Had runs of 71 & 53 yds. The latter coming late in the 4th qtr (after being injured and sitting out for awhile), setting up the game winning FG.
    (Suite 4A) Andy Dalton - First rookie QB to make it to the Suites. Led the Bengals to their 5th comeback victory this season. Trailing 20-10 in the 4th qtr, Dalton led the offense to 13 consecutive points for a 23-20 win over in-state rival Cleveland. Hooked up with AJ Green for a 51 yd gain on final game winning drive. Completed 21-31 (68%) passes for 270 yds and a TD against a very good pass defense. Playing very poised football for a rookie.
    (Suite 5A) Johnny Knox - With Jay Cutler out, the Bears needed some players to step up their game. Knox kept Chicago in the game with 4 catches for 145 yds and a TD on offense, while also contributing 133 yds on kickoff returns (giving the offense good field position) with a long of 56 yds.
    (Special Weekend Stay Suite) Chris Johnson - Finally had a breakout game, carried 23 times for 190 yds helping Tennessee beat Tampa Bay 23-17. Would have gotten a longer stay if he had scored a TD. Is he back?

    Outhouse Stinkers

    9. Tenn/Tampa Bay Game - A combined 9 turnovers in the game gets them this spot.
    8. Mike Wallace - Not a star performance from a "Star" player. He only had 2 catches for 17 yds, but it was his 2 drops (1 in the end zone, 1 on a deep post route) that get him a seat in the outhouse this week.
    7. Antonio Cromartie - Late in the 3rd qtr with the Jets up by 7, Cromartie fumbled a punt to the Bills, he then followed it up by giving up a TD pass 1 play later (to former Jet Brad Smith) allowing Buffalo to tie the game, turning the game into a nail biter.
    6. DeSean Jackson - He must like the view or the smell because this is the 3rd consecutive week in the crapper. DeSean dropped 2 TD passes and short armed a couple others. He looks like he is trying to protect himself from getting injured so that he can get a fat new contract next year. He has shown a lack of will when it comes to making tough catches, knowing that he might get hit hard. Who's gonna pay him next year with that type of character flaw?
    5. Norv Turner - With their season on the line he decides to let the clock run out and go to overtime instead of trusting Phillip Rivers with the ball in his hands. He also played it very conservative in overtime when the Chargers got into long FG range. He settled for a long FG attempt rather than throw the ball. This was San Diego's 6th straight loss, 5 of those games by 7 or less points. In tight games, coaching decisions/calls are extremely important. Do the players still believe in Norv? Does the owner?
    4. Stevie Johnson - Talk about shooting yourself in the foot (thigh)!! His selfish TD celebration/mockery cost the Bills 7 points and any momentum they gained from scoring a TD. He followed this stupid act up by dropping a wide open pass from Fitzpatrick on their potential game winning 2 minute drive. Johnson dropped a perfectly thrown pass on the Jets 20 yd line that he would have taken inside the 10 yd line and possibly to the endzone if he makes 1 guy miss. Enough selfish acts!!!
    3. Philadelphia Eagles Defense - Gave up 457 yds and 38 points. They also gave up 29 first downs while allowing 55% conversion on 3rd downs. Not to mention the blown coverages that we saw. This unit and team are in disarray.
    2. SF 49ers Offense - Against a Super Bowl contending team, the 49ers offense was completely dominated. I know that they had a short week to prepare and that they had to travel 3 time zones but they still ran "their" offense. The offense failed to get into the endzone (6 pts), amassed only 170 yds (74-run, 96-pass), converted a measly 16% (2-12) on 3rd downs, and gave up 9 sacks. If you stop their run game, can they throw the ball good enough to beat the good defenses? We will see!
    1. Ndamukong Suh - After being blocked cleanly by a Packers offensive lineman, Ndamukong decided that he would get even by slamming the lineman's head into the turf several times, and then after standing up, purposely stomp on his arm. Suh received a 15 yd penalty, and rightfully so, he was thrown out of the game. This selfish act of rage cost the Lions dearly, the Packers scored on the drive and never looked back. Not only did Suh hurt his team this past week, he likely will be suspended (IMO, it should be at least 2 games). Getting suspended for several games during the playoff stretch will cost the Lions a playoff spot IMO. Thanks teammate!! For that bonehead play, Suh gets the stinker of the week, and most likely the season!!! Where's Jack Nicholson when you need him?

    * The Colts have attained permanent residency in the basement outhouse. They might need Erin Brockovich to get them out.

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    1. Pruitt's Avatar
      Compounding the Stevie Johnson idiocy was hearing him interviewed on Buffalo radio yesterday. Nothing but nonsense about his teammates knowing where he was coming from and a litany of idiotic comments followed by his blaming Fitzpatrick for that perfectly thrown potential TD that Johnson dropped... get this, Johnson claims that the ball wasn't where he expected it to be. He even said (I paraphrase) that in the NFL, the QB is "always right, so it is what it is."

      But he then said that he accepts the responsibility, even though he had just blamed Fitzpatrick for throwing what everyone but Johnson would agree was a perfectly thrown pass. I have never heard such delusional, self-serving garbage from an athlete who then claimed that he was man enough to accept responsibility, despite spending five minutes evading responsibility.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Turk Schonert View Post
      Some do ... some don't
      A blitz can be used to stop a certain run scheme as well as attack protections, so coordinators will call
      those at any time. If it happens to be a run, commentators will say it was a run blitz.
      Excellent. And that wraps up this interview.

    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      Nice Work Turk.

      Love how Beanie is Ballin'. He has had issues staying healthy since at least his senior year @ Ohio State but when he gets up & poppin', try to stop 'em! Coach Whisenhunt told him at the start of the season that the job was all his & love this opportunity he's taken.

      The Outhouse Needed Dwayne Bowe! He was on National TV with alligator arms when he Could of reached up & gotten the to, uh, you know, help his team to win!! So horrible on Dwayne; He should've known & done better. Key mistake by a Star on that team.
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