• Penthouse to Outhouse - Week 14

    Mental and physical toughness were the stories from this past week. And yes,
    something special is going on in Denver. Aaron Rodgers has attained
    "Elvis" status and gets his own Penthouse floor (just like Elvis in Las
    Vegas), so he doesn't qualify for a suite. Here are my Penthouse Sweets
    and my Outhouse Stinkers for Week #14. Any other nominees?

    Penthouse Sweets

    (Suite 1A) TJ Yates - What started out as a rookie 3rd string job has since
    turned into a fulltime pressure cooked responsibility. This week, TJ went on the
    road against a good team (Bengals) in dire need of a win to enhance its playoff
    chances. All this rookie did was go 26-44 for 300 yds while throwing 2 TDs, he also
    contributed 36 yds rushing. But that isn't the big story, down 19-13 with a little over
    2 minutes left in the game, Yates and his teammates were staring at 80 yds of turf
    with no timeouts. TJ led his team down the field with his arm, his brain, and his
    legs, throwing the game winning TD with just 2 seconds left on the clock.
    This dramatic drive gave the Texans the division title and their first playoff trip in
    their short history. Not bad for a 5th round rookie. Well done!!
    (Suite 2A) “Big Ben” - Ben thought that he had broken his leg after being
    sacked. He was led off of the field and taken into the locker room for
    evaluation. A raucous stadium fell silent. Halftime came and went with everyone
    wanting to know the severity of Ben's injury, and how long he would be out.
    When the team came out of the tunnel, a limping QB came with them. The
    physically and mentally tough QB gutted out a performance for the ages. Big Ben
    went 8-12 for 178 yds in the 2nd half with a game clinching TD pass ... on one leg.
    He took hits, shuffled around in the pocket, and made throws that had all of us
    tipping our hat to him in respect. This is one tough dude!!
    (Suite 3A) Eli Manning - In a must win divisional game ... Eli was superb.
    Just when you thought that the Giants were down & out, Eli rescues
    this team, and now they control their own destiny for the divisional
    title. Down by 12 late in the 4th qtr, Eli rallied his team to 2 TDs and a 2 point
    conversion, putting his team ahead by 3, which they held onto for a dramatic
    37-34 win at Dallas. Eli went 27-47, throwing for 400 yds and 2 TDs. I said it
    earlier in the season, I would vote him MVP if it weren't for Aaron Rodgers!
    (Suite 4A) Jason Pierre-Paul - What a monster game this young man had!!
    All he did was lead his team in tackles, record 2 sacks (1 leading to a safety),
    force a fumble that the Giants turned into a TD, and finally, block the game tying
    FG attempt of the Cowboys. A stay in the Suites is well deserved!!!
    (Suite 5A) The "Gronk" - What a beast!! Last weeks weekend stay wasn't long
    enough for him, so he goes out and catches 6 balls for 160 yds with 2 more TD's
    (setting the NFL record for most TD catches in a single season). His catch and
    bulldozing style run on the sidelines was sensational. I'm glad I don't have to cover
    or tackle him. Best TE in the game in only his 2nd year. WOW is the word when
    describing the "Gronk". Teams are getting Tebow-ed ... players are getting Gronk-ed.
    (Special Weekend Stay Suite) Maurice Jones Drew – On a bad team, MJD
    stood out. While rushing and receiving for 136 total yards, MJD scored 4 TD’s in
    carrying his team to a 41-14 blowout win. Gotta give some love to the NFLs leading
    rusher, he deserves it.
    (Divine Intervention Suite) Denver Broncos Team – This stay has
    no limits. What the Denver Broncos team is doing is mesmerizing. Don’t try
    to explain it … you can’t … believe me … I mean … Believe him!!!

    Outhouse Stinkers

    9. Jeff Triplette’s Officiating Crew – The personal foul call on London Fletcher’s
    tackle on Tom Brady’s attempted late slide was infuriating (just ask London). Triplette
    said that Fletcher hit Brady in the head when he didn’t even come close to it. It was a
    clean tackle to the shoulder. Brady should have walked over to the flag, picked it up,
    then, stuff it back into the officials pocket while saying … this is football, quit
    screwing it up!! Come on guys … let football, be Football.
    8. James Harrison – It wasn’t that it was late. It was a matter of another
    shot to the head. If Harrison just hits him in the chest, everything would be fine.
    7. Bears/Broncos First Half Offense – 60 total passing yards and 0 points
    combined … Yuck. Fans who attend games that the Broncos play in, should just
    remain out in the parking lot tailgating until the 4th qtr starts … they just need to
    be there to see “Tebow time”. The rest of the game is ugly.
    6. Cam Newton’s 2nd Half Picks – Cam can be spectacular, but he has to
    learn how to corral his athleticism and talent when in a bad situation. Newton
    made two bonehead decisions/throws in the 2nd half that killed Carolina’s
    momentum and eventually got them beat. Carolina had a 23-7 lead over the
    Falcons and had control of the game before Cam’s rookie mistakes.
    5. Christian Ponder – Had his worst game of the season. He went 11-21
    for only 115 yds while throwing 3 picks (1 for a pick 6). He also fumbled in the
    end zone on his first play of the game giving the Lions an easy TD. Ponder was
    benched in the 3rd qtr and replaced with Joe Webb who almost led the Vikings
    to a come from behind win.
    4. Bears Late Defensive Philosophy – After stymieing the Broncos for
    55 minutes, the Bears defensive philosophy changed. Instead of playing aggressive
    man coverage or pressuring Tebow, the Bears went to a soft zone mentality. I guess
    they thought … I don’t know what they thought. By rushing four and playing soft zones,
    the Bears allowed Tebow to dink and dunk his way down the field. A four man rush
    also gave him room to move around in the pocket, as well as, get out of the pocket.
    If a QB isn’t that accurate, wouldn’t you want him to have to make quick throws to
    tightly covered receivers or have to make hot throws?
    3. Raiders Road Show – After being blown out last week in Miami 34-14,
    the Raiders laid another stinker getting blown out in Green Bay 46-16. This team
    is playing bad football, and it doesn’t resemble a playoff team by any means. Another
    year missing the playoffs.
    2. TB Buccaneers Team – Losing 41-14 to the Jaguars … Are you kidding me?
    Too many players on this team have quit, and that doesn’t bode well for HC
    Raheem Morris. Changes are a coming.
    1. Marion Barber – How can a veteran RB go out of bounds in that situation?
    If he falls down in bounds … they win the game. Then in overtime, he fumbles the
    ball away with his team already in FG position, giving the Broncos another shot at
    “Tebow Time”. Not a good ending for Marion and the Bears.

    * The Colts and Rams have attained permanent residency in the basement outhouse. They’ll need an act of congress to get them out.

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    1. NickMykita's Avatar
      I think you need to be a little more specific with Stinker #3. It isn't so much the Raiders as a whole that are bad (though they certainly aren't looking good), it's that guy who's pretending to be a quarterback out there. Seriously, Carson Palmer has looked worse than abysmal. His stat line looks only slightly better than JaMarcus Russell's at this point. I hope the front office is happy with giving away their future to the Bengals for him.

      EDIT: For those of you wondering about Palmer's statline, the biggest alarm going off right now is that he's tossed 13 INTs, and he's only played in 7 games. He threw 4 picks against the Packers.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      Outstanding article, Turkmeister. I agree with every one of your observations.

      I'm going top have to eat my words on Carson Palmer, apparently. He's not playing well, still more picks than TD's and his velocity is open to question.

      I'm glad that you, someone who works in professional football, is critical of the Bears' change in defensive strategy down the stretch. Baffling. Or dumb.
    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      As a Bengals fan, I'd like to tell the Raiders ownership....Thanks
    1. GoBigOrGoHome's Avatar
      How about making that Bears' late game defensive stategy outhouse a two-staller? We could park Coach Gun's lack of a plan to handle Joe Webb when he came in for Ponder.

      When you have a running QB, you can't have no LBs playing spy and your front four pushing so far upfield that Webb can take off for a 65-YARD TOUCHDOWN RUN!!!

      To quote Coach Madden: "All the prevent defense does is prevent you from winning."

      Man, am I glad the Laydowns got the Tebows before Tebow rediscovered his Tebow. Know what I'm sayin'?
    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      I can't figure out why teams start playing soft defenses against Tebow late in games. Miami did it. Worked out great. The Bears must have thought it looked fantastic.
    1. Polishguy00's Avatar
      It is very comforting to see a professional agree with the thoughts I had on the Bears defensive philosophy. I must have learned that stuff from the author or something. Why would you change from the Cover 1/run blitz/man outside/Urlacher Spy stuff that was working all game to the tune of 150 total yards? I am not usually angry for more than 15 minutes anymore after a game, but that game really got to me.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Polishguy00 View Post
      It is very comforting to see a professional agree with the thoughts I had on the Bears defensive philosophy. I must have learned that stuff from the author or something. Why would you change from the Cover 1/run blitz/man outside/Urlacher Spy stuff that was working all game to the tune of 150 total yards? I am not usually angry for more than 15 minutes anymore after a game, but that game really got to me.
      Still depressed. And even then, the prevent would have worked (it forced middle of he field throws that ate almost as much clock as running would have).

      The game was won until we got Barbered.
    1. ZambianBillsFan's Avatar
      "Barbered" I like that.
      That was unexplainable what happened in the Bears-Tebows game. It has to be some kind of divine intervention.
    1. Pruitt's Avatar
      I'll toss Buddy Nix into the outhouse for the outrageous contract given to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Did he really think there were teams out there willing to give him more than $24 million guaranteed?

      Right now, Fitzpatrick's market price is in the neighbourhood of Tarvaris Jackson's.
    1. NickMykita's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
      Right now, Fitzpatrick's market price is in the neighbourhood of Tarvaris Jackson's.
      Speaking of T-Jack, does anyone else feel like the Seahawks are actually hurting themselves by winning so many games? I mean, I don't think Jackson is the way of the future in Seattle, and Lord knows Charlie Whitehurst isn't. They need a real QB, and unless they end up at the top of the draft, I don't see how they'll get one.
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      Love that T.J. Yates story. He looks pretty good from what I see. I know it's early & they played the Bengals who aren't where HOU is with the chemistry & veterans but I think he's going to have some success coming up. His humbleness will be key in how he does.