• Is 'For the Children' Working?

    One of the reasons commonly cited in new rules and enforcement banning dangerous hits is to change what kids see so that they can be safer when playing HS football.

    So after about 3 years of rules changes and 2 seasons of enforcement changes, I would like to hear if it is working?

    Are kids being taught something different that what they were 3 years ago in HS about tackling or creating turnovers or dislodging completions or giving receivers alligator arms when they come over the middle?

    Are HS games being officiated differently than 3 years ago?

    Do we have anyone here with experience? Anyone coach HS, officiate HS or have a kid playing HS?

    Let us hear from you.

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      I too wonder how willing youth level coaches (including high school) are to change the techniques they teach, especially wrt tackling.
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      The article is *not* showing up on the front page.
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      Quote Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
      The article is *not* showing up on the front page.
      True. It shows up on left side under recent comments, but not as a front page article.
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      It's a 'User Article'. They don't show up on the front page.
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      Here are a few things of interest about the recent changes to youth football. Its a huge step in the right direction. Although I didn't find anything relevant about "safer" tackling being coached to young kids. These links may offer a bit of "hope" if you will, since the changes are incredibly positive. Hopefully, their NFL heroes can do the right thing and change the way they play. Kids want to emulate them, right down to the Deion highstep.

      New helmets, no more bobbleheads
      Concussion Rule Changes
      New Age and weight classes
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