• Tebowing Justified Now

    Step back non-believers, Tim Tebow just delivered one of the most electric performances of the season against the number one defense in the NFL. It was no fluke. The Steelers dared the Broncos to throw the ball and Tebow beat them throwing the ball. The hard part about playing against a running QB is that you need the safety to help stop the run. With Troy Polomalu out of the middle, or taking excessive risks in the passing game (bootleg), Tebow exposed the Steelers' man coverage skills. The Steelers rarely play man coverage without safety help, and now we know why. Demaryius Thomas emerged as the star receiver of the weekend, despite Calvin Johnson's superhuman performance. But, the real story is Tebow. Tebow and Cam Newton are raising the question, can another style of offense win in the NFL? Will RG III become and even hotter commodity based on what Tebow and Newton have done this year? Should Oregon's Chip Kelly be seriously considered as a head coach in Miami? I love it when the NFL gets turned upside down, and after Tim Tebow's performance, we are all feeling the blood rushing to our heads.

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    1. Dave Lapham's Avatar
      The Steelers really missed Ryan Clark at safety. Troy is a great player no doubt, but I have seen Clark come from deep middle of the field coverage to make a hit 3 yards from the line of scrimmage. Troy played the worst game I have ever seen him play. Did you see him just jogging after Thomas on the overtime play? I was stunned. He played slowly all day. Was he that confused without Clark on the field? It amazed me how much LeBeau changed what he does to play vs. Tebow. He surely dared Tebow to beat him and it happened. Hats off to the Bronco coaching staff for putting together a solid game plan and the players for their execution. I have seen RGIII play many times in college. He has incredible deep ball accuracy. He has world class speed with a howitzer throwing arm and a quick mind to orchestrate it all. I think he has star power in the NFL. He will be the face of an organization for a lot of years. If Miami selects him with Chip Kelly as the head coach running his up tempo stuff....look out times are a'changing. Griffin ran an up tempo offense at Baylor flawlessly.
    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      Don't let Kaba hear you say that Dave. He is not an RGIII fan. As for Tebow, he did exactly what he needed to do. He avoided the turnovers that had plagued him at the end of the season, and he took what the Steelers D gave him, which was the deep ball. Great game for the Broncos coaching staff, and IMO, Tebow's best career game. On a side note, I've thought Ike Taylor was overrated all year long, and Sunday exposed why. He's a solid guy, but he needs help and is not a shutdown corner.
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      I'm not a Broncos fan but MAN was I excited after that 80 yard bomb to Demaryius Thomas! Mercy, Mercy Me! That was a Great Way to start & end Playoff OT. This style of offense can win in the NFL. I feel the running QB is gonna be more common than not. Remember when Mike Vick was called "The Quarterback Of The Future"? Tebow can do work too. I say no to Chip Kelly in MIA. I feel that they need an NFL veteran down there. They will be right to get Jeff Fisher. Schottenheimer interviewing with TB? Could be good for MIA.

      What hurt the Steelers? Like Dave said, no Ryan Clark. That was felt. He was needed there like when his presence was felt when they played BAL. They got further than I expected them too. Not too bad for Super Bowl Runner-Ups from last year. Next year for PIT fascinates the teeth out of me.
    1. Cris Collinsworth's Avatar
      Like Dave, I was surprised the Steelers took that many chances on defense. I said all week I thought LeBeau would try to stop Tebow playing 7 in the box. I wouldn't have come out of that until they beat me running the ball. I thought the only way the Broncos could win was hitting 3-4 big pass plays and the Steelers gave them that opportunity.
    1. codysmart's Avatar
      It will be interesting to see what the Broncos do on their 1st downs against NE. By running it on virtually every 1st down they were able to set up the game winning TD. They obviously won't be able to do that again, but I expect a healthy mix and better positive yards on 1st for them. GO BRONCOS!
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      Tim Tebow is officially the hottest property on TV right now.

      A peak of 55 million viewers for the game. They weren't there to watch Big Ben waddle.
    1. msclemons's Avatar
      Quarterback in training:

    1. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
      Tim Tebow is officially the hottest property on TV right now.

      A peak of 55 million viewers for the game. They weren't there to watch Big Ben waddle.
      Tebow caused a big spike in viewership, but the base was built on the black and gold. Pittsburgh prime time games are routinely some of the top viewed games because of the fan base. It's why, combined with winning records, we almost always get the max 5 prime time games. Hell, the boring chiefs vs steelers game was the most watched tv show in November.


      Like the 45lbs of salt in the wounds wasn't enough, a cute kid in his pjs pulling a "tebow" before going to bed? Really???
    1. darvon's Avatar
      I think the kid already throws better mid range passes.
    1. FrzzerBwler's Avatar
      I'm still a doubter, too many off target passes.
      Curious to see if his accuracy improves in the off season.

      SteelMike don't under estimate Tebow effect on ratings.
      Heard a guy little while ago on NFL radio whose family has zero football interest.
      Then his in laws and wife noticed Tebow was playing. He said all 3 non fans sat down and watched because it was Tebow playing.
    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      Tebow had his best game, but he's still not shown that he's a good NFL QB. He still missed more than half of his passes. If Pittsburgh hadn't played the worst D I've ever seen, this conversation isn't happening.
    1. Polishguy00's Avatar
      What I want to know is this and this only. On tape, does it look like the Pats give up the long ball as much as Pittsburgh did in that game?

      All year and throughout his college career, Tebow has always been a good deep thrower. 15 yards and in seem to be much tougher for him, actually.

      EDIT: For the stats side of it: The Pats allowed the most 20+ pass plays in the league this year with 88. They were the worst in the league in the 20-40 range but were middle of the pack in the 40+. Um. Wow. Do we dare? Remember, turnovers, as usual, were key in the Denver loss to New England.
    1. Nancy's Avatar
      Tebow may never be a great NFL quarterback, but he was pretty great Sunday as was the Denver defense for the most part (I know, PIT had injuries, blah blah blah, don't care).
      If the Panthers had Denver's defense, Cam Newton would be King of the World.
    1. asphaltmidget's Avatar
      Cris- you are KILLING me!!! My Oregon Ducks would die without Chip Kelly there!!! I have not heard that about Miami being interested in him. Please tell me you made that up?
      As for Tebow.... The dude knows how to win. It may not be pretty but he is a team player which is why I think Josh McDaniels wanted him. Let's give it 2 more years and see how Tebow turns out.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Polishguy00 View Post
      All year and throughout his college career, Tebow has always been a good deep thrower. 15 yards and in seem to be much tougher for him, actually.
      This. He can throw deep, but he can't consistently throw the short stuff. So there is no way he can control the game without the running game. And they are playing Big Vince Wilfork, who is one of the best at stopping the run, and Mayo is a disciplined MLB who tackles well. Expect a disciplined run defense with safeties deep. If Belichick can force them to settle for Field Goals instead of TDs. Remember that the Patriots ranked 15th in Scoring even though they ranked 31st in passing yards. So that defense isn't as lousy at it seems. They give up a lot of yards, not that many points.
    1. hobbes27's Avatar
      I think Cris just loves Tebow because he is a fellow gator.
    1. darvon's Avatar
      Pats are going to hammer Tebow.

      Brady will just outscore him early and then Denver is done.
    1. DannyMilk's Avatar
      What I want to know is, what happens when it all starts to fall apart? Who gets run out of town? How much losing before the fans start booing? This cannot last forever, it just can't. If he gets better, good for him. I'm indifferent on the guy, I'm not much of a college fan, sure, the LASJC (figure it out) at the end of every game they win gets annoying, but at the same time I don't hate God. I will say this, it's fun to watch, incredible to watch, and as a fan of sports, I'm happy to be witnessing it. BTW, has he been on Wheaties yet? (serious question)
    1. MachoMenos's Avatar
      Wasn't it just a few years ago that the wildcat was going to transform football as we know it?

      I saw nothing from Tebow this Sunday that I haven't seen before. He mostly reminds me of Mark Sanchez. They can be great for a drive or two but will we ever see that for an entire football game? Of course, that will not keep the NFL pr department from going into overdrive for him, especially after the ratings he got this past Sunday.

      BTW, it was great to see the Jets in the playoffs. Well, at least for that pepsi commercial.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      To state the obvious, will Tebow be able to put enough points on NE's porous defense, and how well can Denver's rather good defense stop the unstoppable force that is Brady et al?

      If it's NE's day, maybe we'll know by halftime. If it's Denver's day, I'll guess it will be another close Q4.