• Cowboys Super Bowl Formula

    Are the Cowboys talented enough to win it all? Sometimes it is hard not to be influenced by all the hype surrounding the Cowboys. But here we go, the Dallas Cowboys path to the Super Bowl in 2012:

    1) Their offensive line improves like Tyron Smith did last year: Smith, a rookie, had no clue early, but he improved into the Cowboys best offensive lineman. Now Smith moves from RT to LT and Doug Free goes back to RT after a tough year. Imported guards Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau are the key. Bernadeau is recovering from hip surgery and Livings will have to greatly improve to make a difference. Bill Callahan is a talented OL coach and he will have his hands full.

    2) Rob Ryan's defense learns his schemes: Last year without an off-season, the Cowboys simply were running too many defensive schemes considering the time they had to install the defense. Ryan wanted to be exotic, but a lack of cover corners greatly limited his ability to take risks.

    3) New corners Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr MUST be Great: There really is no other way to say it. For the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl these two corners have to be great. The Jets and Rex Ryan have Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, the best man cover combo in the league (mostly due to Revis' dominance). Rob will need something close to compete for a ring.

    4) Somebody must provide a pass rush other than DeMarcus Ware: It is almost inconceivable that with DeMarcus Ware receiving SO much attention on one side, that no player on Rob Ryan's pressure defense could come up with more than six sacks. FYI Ware had 19.5 sacks.

    5) Somebody has to surprise with an unexpectedly great season: My candidate is Bruce Carter the linebacker drafted by the Cowboys in the second round last year. Could he become this years' Miles Austin or Sean Lee?

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      Also, I like Jerrah. He does good Marketing. What is your opinion on why he didn't take the NFL to court over his Punishment for Non-Collusion?
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      I, too, like Jerrah. He does good General Managing. Long may he continue. See that logo to my right?
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      How do you say "pile of feces" in Mandarin?
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      How do you say "pile of feces" in Mandarin?
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      That actually says, "My tuna has an odd odor."