• Associates: Ravens' Bryant McKinnie will Report Monday

    People close to Baltimore Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie have told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times that McKinnie will report to Ravens' training camp in Owings Mills on Monday.

    Despite the fact that he is being sued for $4.5 million over a loan he secured during the NFL lockout, McKinnie has opted to miss every day so far of training camp at a potential cost to himself of $30,000/day.

    “Yeah, the CBA applies to this situation,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Friday when asked if McKinnie is being fined. Harbaugh said that the team has yet to speak with McKinnie, who has also battled conditioning issues and was asked to get down to a target weight of 345 pounds after weighing 354 pounds and not being allowed to participate in a mandatory June minicamp.

    “As far as I know, there’s no communication from Bryant,” Harbaugh said. “He does not have an agent. We heard from a chiropractor on the first day and that’s all we’ve heard.” The chiropractor reference might be a revealing remark from Harbaugh about what’s ailing McKinnie, a tall lineman at 6-foot-8 who has battled weight problems.

    Although McKinnie hasn’t spoken with his coach, he has apparently talked with his replacement at left tackle: Michael Oher. “I’ve talked to him a few times,” Oher said. “I just told him to take your time and we’ll be here if he needs us and things like that and just take care of anything he has going. So, I’m pretty sure he’ll get everything squared away.” When asked if he believes that McKinnie will ultimately rejoin the team, Oher replied: “I think so. He sounds positive. Like I told him, ‘Take your time, and we’ll be waiting for you.'"

    Offensive line coach Andy Moeller was asked if McKinnie’s presence is missed on the line.“Oh I think our guys ... sure because of the bond that they have developed with him a year ago,” Moeller said. “Yes, so I would say yes. As far as what we have, we have enough right out here right now to be the kind of linemen we want to be.”
    McKinnie is going into the second of a two-year, $3.2 million contract and was slotted, again, as the team's starting left tackle. Coach Harbaugh has said Michael Oher will be the starter at LT and that the team is looking to replace him at right tackle.

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    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      That's all the good for the Ravens; McKinnie was said to be watching his weight & trying to come into camp at the right weight that the Ravens wanted him to be at. I feel that McKinnie still has contribution in him. With leaders still there like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, I feel they will motivate each other to compete at the best form.
    1. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
      Buckeye did you read the op? The last paragraph was pretty blunt in saying that mckinnie wasn't a starter anymore.

      Oher is the left tackle and the team is looking to replace his spot at rt. Where in this article that spoke specifically about mckinnies health and weight issues, combined with his hold out AND the fact he's not a starter inspire you to say his reporting was all good for the ravens?

      His reporting basically makes no difference. This is a guy fighting for a roster spot, not a starting position, based on his actions and the way the ravens do business.

      The fact ray ray and reed are great leaders will have no effect on the guy. They don't huddle up together, nor do they have meetings in the same room.

      I guess what I'm saying is your reply doesn't make much sense based on the op, and the other factors at play here.
    1. Raven's Avatar
      He is back in town now. He claims he fell and hurt his lower back and his chiropractor was in contact with the Ravens. He did come to camp late, fat and out of shape last year but was able to play every game. It will be interesting to see how much he weighs. I would rather have Oher at RT, but if McKinnie is going to be a liability, I rather they cut him and move on.
    1. Dave Lapham's Avatar
      In this era of pro football, guys that have to play themselves into shape at training camp have put themselves squarely behind the 8ball. The Ravens will survive with Oher at LT. He is much better suited for the right side though.