• Goodell to Meet Today with Nick Fairley, Suspension Likely

    The Detroit Lions have had four players arrested a total of seven times this offseason. The team has opted to part ways with the once arrested OL Johnny Culbreath (mariluana possession), who was a third stringer at best, and twice arrested CB Aaron Berry (DUI, brandishing a firearm).

    Despite the appearance that the Lions may have chosen to make examples out of Berry. who was scheduled to be a starter, and Culbreath because they had to punish [I]someone[/] for all the off-field chicanery, these two may have gotten off easy. Not true for DT Nick Fairley (two arrests - marijuana possession/DUI, eluding police, reckless driving) and RB Mikel Leshoure (marijuana possession twice). Fairley and Leshoure are scheduled to meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during his visit to the Lions training facility in Allen Park, MI.

    Leshoure, already hit with a two-game suspension and enrolled in the league's substance abuse program, has less to worry about. His meeting with the commish is likely a simple touching of the proverbial base on his way back to being on the field for his first NFL game in week three.

    But Fairley's case is different. His next hearing in his possession case has been postponed until November. Fairley's attorney, Sid Harrell - who is preparing for a capital murder case - expects the DUI case to be postponed until then also. But that may not save Fairley from the immediate wrath of the NFL's judge, jury and executioner.

    From Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press; "I met with Nick earlier this spring and we talked an awful lot about where he is," Goodell said during a visit to Lions training camp today. "We don't (have to wait for the legal system to run its course) by policy, particularly if there's a pattern of behavior. But if there is not a pattern we certainly do acknowledge the legal process and want to be respectful of that."
    Goodell will not let pesky little details - like whether or not the Lions could be involved in a playoff race come November - interfere with the disciplinary process.

    "You really just have to go through the process and you can't let (playoff races) be involved (in disciplinary decisions)," Goodell said. "You have to say listen, 'what is the process we have to go through,' and you stick to that process and make the decision that's necessary
    Reading between the lines tells us the commissioner is only deciding when to hand down a suspension. There does not appear to be an 'if' in the equation. And it seems the commish is leaning toward putting Fairley on the shelf sooner rather than later.

    This could signify a silver lining for the Lions who would surely rather have the talented Fairley available down the stretch if they are, indeed, dialed in and competing for playoff spot.

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    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      Yeah; Goodell will have a conga line going down Park Avenue. There are a significant number of players he'll speak to. The Lions may truly have a huddle with Goodell to see what's goin' on. The Bengals were in a significant stride of consecutive arrests and Goodell certainly took notice.