• Goodell 'Closely Monitoring' Progress of Jahvid Best

    As NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is visiting Lions training camp today, we bring you more news of Detroit's Jahvid Best and his battle to get back on the field.

    Best suffered two concussions last season and was placed on injured reserve when the Lions, due to several other injuries at the running back position, had to have his roster spot to add another player. Now, almost ten months after his concussion against the 49ers last season, Best still has not been cleared for contact.

    From Anwar S. Richardson via mlive.com: The NFL is facing scrutiny for its previous handling of concussions, which has resulted in several lawsuits by former players, and Goodell admits he is paying special attention to Best's health.
    "Very closely," Goodell said when asked how much he is monitoring Best's situation. "The medical care that our players get is extraordinary. Jahvid, in particular, has seen a number of doctors outside the Detroit Lions organization. They are all focused on his case and making sure we can make the best decisions for Jahvid Best."
    Despite the NFL's interest in Best, Goodell said his office has no say in determining when Best can play football again this season.
    "It's a medical decision," Goodell said. "The doctors make those decisions, so he obviously is having difficulty recovering the concussion. They have to be very cautious in that approach, and make sure they're seeing the appropriate doctors. Again, those are the decisions we want the medical people to make, not us. We're not influencing those decisions."
    Head coach Jim Schwartz, with more than a bit of irritation in his voice, tersely responded to questions today about his favorite running back's return to the field.

    Best said he battled headaches for two weeks after the San Francisco game, but has felt fine since that injury.
    However, Best is currently on Detroit's active/physically unable to perform list. He attends training camp practice daily, but stands on the sidelines.
    "The only thing I will say is we're measuring Jahvid in weeks, not days," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. "He's not day-to-day A lot of these guys are day-to-day We're measuring his progress in weeks. He's doing very well. He's working very, very hard. He's in supreme condition, and I know this, when he's cleared, he's going to be tough to handle because he'll be ready."
    Judging by remarks made by Lions' general manager Martin Mayhew,, coupled with Schwartz' comments, that 'when' may need to adjusted down to an 'if'.

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    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      I think Jahvid can be an exciting player and will be able to have an impact but they have a LuLu on their hands with the concussion issue. The Best to Jahvid (LOL!; seriously) & I wonder will Goodell's observations are from his visit.
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      I'll be honest: Curtis Martin's Hall of Fame speech story of going back to the huddle, in the Raiders' huddle, after seeing black on the last play was part of what the NFL is dealing with in real time to prevent. Glad Martin appears to be stable and living fine after his career but he's also had a desire to play that the NFL wants to reshape.
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