• Alex Brown Retires, Continues Cute Tradition

    Alex Brown, former Chicago Bear and Saint from Nawlins' did something not every athlete does. He signed a one-day contract with the Chicago Bears to officially retire as a Soldier Field combatant. I'm pretty sure I have changed my mind on this tradition. I used to think of it as something cool. Now? At best, I consider it cute. At worst, I consider it pointless.

    This isn't true for every player that does this, but the example of Brown possibly needing to remind most football fans that he was a Chicago Bear is like trying to think of Kim Kardashian without thinking of, uh, the letter K. Anyway, all but one of Brown's seasons and all but two his career sacks came as a Chicago Bear. I'm not even sure if the prevalent reaction from the casual fan today was more than, "He was with the Saints?" I hop no Bears fan woke up this morning, read the headline and thought, "Thank God."

    The other thing about it is that nothing changes in the record books and no change seems to be positive from the gesture. Taking Brown as the example here, I am sure that a lot of fans looked at the headline considered the move classy. Well, it may be nice, but Alex Brown was a fan favorite and is no more the fan favorite today. The good memories of him were already there. I already thought that he was a cool player. Pro Football Reference is not going to update his record with an entry under 2012 with "CHI" next to it.

    There is some small chance for the gesture to have a negative effect. Before I state it, I must say I hope this possibility is not one at all, but I thought of it, so I'm writing it. What if the other fan base actually gets offended? What if it was Reggie White signing the one day contract with the Eagles and Packers fans got upset? Fan is short for fanatical, after all. Could it possibly close doors in the other city for financial opportunities and life after football? I hope not, but it would not surprise me if I read such a story.

    Finally, what if this is a bad precedent to set? Something that may be considered classy by proponents now could eventually lead to a negative if the gesture begins to become expected from certain athletes. A fan favorite could be forgotten even more quickly than he is now.

    All in all, it just seems pointless to me. I can dream up more negatives than positives. Alex Brown did not need to do it. Brian Dawkins did not need to do it. I don't think anyone needs to do it. What do you think?

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    1. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
      I believe its pointless. The fans are always going to appreciate what the player contributed to their team, regardless of what team they played for after they played for theirs. It doesn't lessen the legacy they have for the first team they played for.

      Steelers fans will always hold up Franco Harris' legacy. The fact he retired a seahawk matters none.

      The steelers as a franchise find the one day contract to retire pointless also. They don't do it. They'll host a presser for the guy.
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
      It is for the player. The last time they do something nice for the guy in most cases, before he goes into a future unlikely to include adulation. The fact they sign a piece of paper is entirely for the gladiator's benefit on an emotional level.

      Harmless and not worth the energy and time Peter King has giving to running it into the ground.
    1. Pruitt's Avatar
      Seriously, it's as important as the colour of the suit jacket they wear at the announcement.

      Just wondering - if the contracts are in any way legit, does that mean the players get one day's worth of pay at the minimum salary?