• Should Longhorns Be Independent?

    The college football landscape is on the cusp of massive change. In the next year or two, look for a shift to four (4) mega conferences of 16 teams in each conference. Why? Follow the money trail in the form of huge television revenues. The Big 12 could be a conference that gets poached.

    The Big 10 Network, offering $22 million per school, is courting Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. The PAC 10 is talking about a 16-team conference that could include Oklahoma and Texas in its South division. Will Notre Dame align with a conference or remain Independent with its lucrative NBC contract?

    Texas should also consider becoming an Independent. TSN (Texas Sports Network) or LSN (Longhorn Sports Network) would carry a massive footprint. The Longhorn brand is strong. Its trademark and licensing dollars exceeded $9 million last year, which lead the NCAA. The football program generated $83 million last year to lead the nation. In fact, the football program has been the #1 revenue producer for six straight years. All sports totaled $132 million last year.

    Many factors would be considered in a conference or Independent decision including travel costs and time changes. Meanwhile, Notre Dame football has had a nice run as an Independent while enjoying less success on the field than Texas. Remember Texas and Texas A & M are a package deal in any conference affiliation. Texas power brokers and politicians will make sure of that scenario.

    Why couldn’t Texas go Independent; form their own network; and create massive leverage with the mega conferences? Who wouldn’t want Texas? Nice to have options…
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    1. BengalFan's Avatar

      Looks like Texas is going to stay in the Big 12 (for now)! They turned down the Pac 10.