• Steelers Get Max Starks on Practice Field

    Max Starks tore his ACL in the Steelers' wild-card playoff loss against the Denvers Broncos. Despite the injury and Starks' age (he is 30), Pittsburgh decided to bring back their LT signing him in July to a one-year contract.

    Starks started trining camp on the PUP list but was recently removed and placed on the team's active roster. Given the struggles of rookie Mike Adams, the Steelers were hoping to start seeing Starks on the practice field.

    Today, they got their wish. Starks not only practiced, he took first team reps.

    “This quickly, in the preseason was not in my mind initially,” said Starks about playing. “The regular season was my goal. I’m happy to have made it this far. To now put (the knee) under duress will be a good indication. I am happy to be back in the fold.

    “We are going to try to figure out after today (if I will play) depending on how practice goes and then make a determination of how I fit in.”

    Starks participated in a good portion of Tuesday’s practice, but not all of it, and seemed to hold up well.

    “I just did some first team reps,” said Starks. “I did the run, pass and blitz sections. I didn’t do any of the pass under pressure stuff.

    “It felt okay. I felt a little slow. I felt comfortable with the terminology and response times, but the legs felt a little slow.”

    “I will know tomorrow morning, make sure the knee doesn’t swell up,” said Starks. “It’s on my health more than anything.

    “If I can go out and play and execute I think I have a good chance (of starting).”

    Starks said being a veteran helps with the ability to step in and play without a lot of notice, but he still needs to get comfortable with some things in Todd Haley’s offense so that he is in sync with the rest of the offensive line.

    “It’s a new offense, not like the old offense where I felt like I could plug in because I had a rapport with the offensive line,” said Starks. “I still have a rapport with the offensive line, but the terminology and communication is something we need to be cleaner on.”
    Surely this is welcome news for Steelers fans.

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    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      Good to see a guy have his opportunity after a playoff injury. When a loss happens and injuries go with it in the playoffs, it seems to hurt worse. I think Mike Adams will be a good contribution to PIT but I hope he comes on sooner than later, for Buckeyes sake ya know? LOL!