• Is it time to take the leash off of Sanchez ?

    Last season the Jets were heading toward a missed playoff opportunity due mostly to the play of their rookie quarterback. Rex Ryan stepped in and put a tight leash on his young QB. Realizing that running the football and playing great defense was his only chance to reach the playoffs, Ryan and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer came up with a color coded wrist band indicating to Sanchez when he could take a shot downfield and when he had to play safe. The Jets turnovers decreased and the team started to win again with confidence and bravado.

    Ryan's foresight and action helped his team make the playoffs with a self proclaiming "we should be the favorite". Although a tight leash was put on Sanchez, Ryan allowed his coordinator to be creative with personnel, formations, and motions, forcing defenses to communicate and make adjustments while creating favorable match-ups, or possible busted coverages (unlike a situation I went through).

    Now its 2010 and Sanchez has a year under his belt as a starter and as a playoff QB (in which he played well). Has Sanchez earned the trust to take off the leash ? Will taking the leash off make this a more dangerous and explosive offense? Will it create more explosive plays to Braylon Edwards,Jerricho Cotchery, Santonio Holmes, and Dustin Keller? Is this team ready to put its season into Sanchez's hands?

    Even with all the ammo that this offense has, I say no to taking off the leash. Although this is a QB driven league, this is a team that has to take its QB to the Super Bowl not the other way around. I would however loosen the leash so that their young QB can grow and progress. Give Sanchez a lot of leash in training camp and preseason so that he can be evaluated as to where he is as a starting QB.

    After last seasons success, Sanchez will be clamoring to have more freedom, so give it to him in limited stages. I trust Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer will handle this intriguing situation, just like they did last year. Rex will unleash a defense that creates chaos and a relentless running attack. Unleashing their 2nd year QB could be detrimental to their "Super" plan.
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    1. NewHavenJetsFan's Avatar
      One of the unrecognized benefits of the leash on Sanchez was the indirect effect it had on also reigning in Schottenheimer's play calling. I have been around football for a long time. I love Schottenheimer's creativity and imagination, but his offensive play calling always has seemed to lack any rhythm or focus. A forced focus on the running game and the play action passing seemed to allow the offense to get more into a rhythm, and in turn to be a lot more productive. I subscribe to the philosophy that when something works, you keep going with it until the defense finally forces you to stop. When the leash was placed on Sanchez, it also forced Schottenheimer to focus in on what worked and to hammer teams with it. It was, as the season and post season played out, quite effective.
      So, i agree with you that leash needs to remain on Sanchez, and Schottenheimer, only to be loosened as the season progresses and the circumstances dictate.
    1. BayouBoys's Avatar
      I think we can all agree that the leash needs to remain (If it ain't broke, don't fix it!) but if you want this man to be a franchise QB there needs to be some baby steps towards letting him be an individual. By this I mean making his own decisions, these decisions can be good or bad. With bad you can learn from your mistakes. That being said, if you are always told what to do (as a QB) and it fails, don't you lose some faith in your coach? Won't that affect your attitude on the field? Just wondering how that could play out in a young kid's head.

      What's the saying? Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime? Or something like that. When will they let him be a QB?
    1. Badcallref's Avatar
      The jets may have to take the leash off. Givin the departure of Alan Fanica, Leon Washington and Thomas jones, and by the signing of so many pass catchers. It may be impossible to ground out the ball as they did last year. I don't see a washed up LT and unproven Green being as good as TJ and Leon. I don't know who there GM is, but with all the moves they have made, he's thinking pass.
    1. InNOutBurgler's Avatar
      Please take it off! Vontae and Sean need to up that INT total from last year!!