• Week One Cumulative Power Rankings

    With kickoff to the 2012 NFL Season mere hours away, it's time to present the 2012 Cumulative Power Rankings for week one.

    Cumulative power rankings are assigned by taking the ranking of each team by the 6 (Or as many as I can find) media outlets covering the NFL and then averaging them together. The 6 media outlets (Read: The ones easiest for me to find rankings for) are PFT, CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFL and AP.

    Without further ado, here's the week one cumulative power rankings:

    1. Packers
    2. Patriots
    3. Giants
    4. Texans
    5. 49ers
    6. Ravens
    7. Eagles
    8. Falcons
    9. Saints
    10. Steelers
    11. Bears
    12. Broncos
    13. Lions
    14. Bengals
    15. Cowboys
    16. Chargers
    17. Chiefs
    18. Bills
    19. Seahawks
    20. Jets
    21. Panthers
    22. Titans
    23. Raiders
    24. Redskins
    25. Cardinals
    26. Buccaneers
    27. Colts
    28. Jaguars
    29. Rams
    30. Vikings
    31. Dolphins
    32. Browns

    A couple of things I found interesting as we begin to kickoff our season: There are 7 AFC teams in the top 16, with only 4 of them coming in the top 10.

    Fox's rankings were interesting in that they ranked the Eagles first (Their highest ranking by any other media team was 6th,) and ranked the Giants 8th (3 was their lowest between everyone else.)

    The first team to make an appearance in the power rankings from the AFC West are the Broncos at #12.

    Now it's your turn- do you agree with these rankings? How would you list them? Please sound off in the comments below.

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    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      Mine are in the Top10 bottom5 thread. Not much difference really. I like Philly.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Pythagoran Expected Wins, using each game as a sample for the 2011 season:

      Rk	Tm	E-WL
      1	Green Bay Packers 	0.7313
      2	New Orleans Saints 	0.7160
      3	San Francisco 49ers 	0.7068
      4	New England Patriots 	0.6985
      5	Baltimore Ravens 	0.6570
      6	Pittsburgh Steelers 	0.6524
      7	Houston Texans 	0.6396
      8	Philadelphia Eagles 	0.5986
      9	Detroit Lions 	0.5589
      10	Atlanta Falcons 	0.5585
      11	Cincinnati Bengals 	0.5395
      12	San Diego Chargers 	0.5336
      13	Tennessee Titans 	0.5322
      14	New York Jets 	0.5182
      15	Dallas Cowboys 	0.5015
      16	New York Giants 	0.4971
      17	Seattle Seahawks 	0.4919
      18	Miami Dolphins 	0.4918
      19	Carolina Panthers 	0.4819
      20	Chicago Bears 	0.4802
      21	Arizona Cardinals 	0.4599
      22	Oakland Raiders 	0.4434
      23	Denver Broncos 	0.4319
      24	Buffalo Bills 	0.4259
      25	Kansas City Chiefs 	0.4180
      26	Washington Redskins 	0.3931
      27	Jacksonville Jaguars 	0.3824
      28	Minnesota Vikings 	0.3637
      29	Cleveland Browns 	0.3470
      30	Tampa Bay Buccaneers 	0.2893
      31	Indianapolis Colts 	0.2605
      32	St. Louis Rams 	0.1993

      I'll be updating these week to week, but they won't mean much until week 4 of course. No, preseason games and hype don't count. I'll be using last years results averaged with this years results, and slowly fazing them out until only this year counts. I'm happy to compqare the hype machines to the cold numbers predicted by Margin Of Victory.
    1. SpartaChris's Avatar
      @iwatt- Fascinating, thanks for sharing. I'm definitely interested in comparing how these shake out during the season.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by SpartaChris View Post
      @iwatt- Fascinating, thanks for sharing. I'm definitely interested in comparing how these shake out during the season.

      I'll be putting them up either in dropbox or in google spreadsheets with a link in my signature as soon as I fix the format and decide what info I want to show. I have the differnce in EW versus Actual record for the last years.

      In 2011, the Packers were the ones who most over-performed their expected Wins (+3.3 Wins), while the Vikings were the most under-performing of teams (-2.8).

      The secret to over-performing: Elite QB (NE, NOLA, GB, Pitt), Elite D (and I mean San Fran or Baltimore elite, not just good), or the graces of your lord and Savior (Tebow).
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      The Browns being ranked last is sad and part of the long misery. I think they will do better than what folks expect. I expect the new start to be positive with Weeden in the long run. I think the Packers at number one isn't a bad idea. Peter King has them in the Super Bowl and that isn't far fetched. I still Love my Saints but I don't see them being one up over PIT; I think that SNF match -up on SUN will tell us something even though it's the opener.