• Commish Picks: Week 6 FF Waiver Wire Report

    Desperation Time- There is a very good chance that a quick look at your waiver wire this week could prove to be relatively fruitless. The truly impactful pickups have already been made, and your league vultures have left behind nothing but table scraps. But just because the pickin’s are slim doesn’t mean that an injury or a bye should need to result in a 0 for your lineup. Below are a few players to keep in mind as you peruse your roster, and the wire this week. Who knows? Perhaps one or more could emerge as true difference-makers in week 6.

    Christian Ponder, QB (Min)- I profiled Christian Ponder as an add last week, and while he was added in many leagues this past week, he’s still only owned in roughly ¼ of all leagues. Ponder should not be your starter by any means, but he’s an excellent bye week filler

    Brandon Weeden, QB (Cle)- Who currently leads the NFL in pass attempts? The correct answer, to no one’s surprise, is Drew Brees. However, if you said Brandon Weeden because I purposefully included that question immediately after his name, well, you wouldn’t have been that far off. Weeden is currently 2nd in the league in pass attempts, and since his epically horrific week 1 performance, has averaged 292.5 yards passing with a total of 5 TDs and 5 INTs since. I like the fact that Cleveland is letting him sling it. In my opinion, that’s a much better way to develop a QB than to simply try to protect him with safe throws, and promote indecision, like Jacksonville has done with Blaine Gabbert. In deeper leagues, Weeden is a worth-while investment for your bench, with top 20 fantasy upside the rest of the way.

    Alex Green/James Starks/John Kuhn, RB (GB)- I don’t know who this Lis Franc chick is, but she’s starting to wreak havoc around the league. Ced Benson is the latest of this vixen’s victims, and while GB is saying 8 weeks, lisfranc has resulted in a lost season for Darren McFadden last season, and Santonio Holmes this season. That said, the above listed is the triumvirate remaining in GB. Of those, Alex Green has the most upside, while a returning Starks has the experience, and Kuhn is the TD vulture. I have the listed in order of preference, and I actually do like the idea of storing Green and hoping he sees the lion’s share of the workload. But at the present time, relying on any of the 3 as anything more than bench-fodder on your team is something I’d highly try to avoid.

    William Powell/LaRod Stephens-Howling/Alphonso Smith, RB (Ari)- Move along, there’s nothing to see here. With Wells, and now Williams out, this is the mess Arizona is currently left with. Stephens-Howling is a scat back, so he’s unlikely to see every down duty. Smith isn’t even good enough to be a JAGer. Powell is interesting, but is coming off a concussion. However, he did impress in the preseason, and is much more of a downhill runner than Williams was. While this appears to be a big mess, Beanie Wells did have 1000 yards last year as a similar-style back to Powell, meaning that at least there’s a bit of upside here. Plus, the Cards coaching staff has already stated that Powell will share carries this week with Stephens-Howling. I’m going to stand on a bit of a ledge with this one, and call William Powell our Commish Pick of the week.

    Chris Givens, WR (Stl)- With Danny Amendola out for the foreseeable future, Givens will be taking over in the St. Louis starting lineup opposite Brandon Gibson. Givens has some big play ability, and may be worth a flier, as I thought Sam Bradford looked relatively impressive last week against Arizona.

    Josh Gordon, WR (Cle)- With the essentially worthless Mohammad Massaquoi out last week for Cleveland, Gordon stepped into the starting lineup and provided a spark, with 2 catches and 2 TDs. But what I liked the most was the fact that Gordon saw 8 targets, while fellow “starting” WR Greg Little only saw 2 targets, and 0 catches. There’s an opportunity here for Gordon, and if he continues to get a chance, Weeden is throwing enough to make Gordon a worthwhile flier.

    Brandon Myers, TE (Oak)- Through the first 3 weeks of the season, Myers was averaging 5 catches and 65 yards per game. He was concussed in week 3 vs. Pittsburgh, but managed to play against Denver the next week. While he only had 1 catch, the fact that he was back on the field was a positive. Now, coming off a bye, Myers should be completely beyond his concussion issues, and makes for an intriguing option this week if you are one of the Jimmy Graham owners who decided against drafting a backup TE.

    TE- Heath Miller (Pit)/Scott Chandler (Buf)/Joel Dreessen (Den)- I’ve covered the first two previously, and both should be owned, but this is a reminder that if they’re still available, you should pick them up. As for Dreessen, much like the other two, he appears to be a preferred red zone target in Denver. If you’re truly looking for a flier, you could do worse than Dreessen, who seems like a decent bet to score most weeks, even if he provides otherwise little production.

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      Donald Brown is out 2-3 weeks after injuring his knee on the last play of the game against Green Bay. Vick Ballard is the new starter in Brown's absence, and will likely take on most of the workload. With games against the Jets, Browns, and Titans the next 3 weeks, Ballard makes for a very nice pickup. Plus, if he does well, it's not like Brown has lit the world on fire with his performance. There's a chance for some serious value here.