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    2015 Playoff Picture

    Fischer must have compromIsing pictures of some owners. And the press loves him. Or that going 7-9... Go to last post

    iwatt 11-25-2015 05:19 AM
    Patrick Sullivan

    Wagers & Lagers 2015 Week 11

    That was a reference to the fact that I probably have NEVER in all of W&L history NOT taken the... Go to last post

    Patrick Sullivan 11-24-2015 04:07 PM

    Wagers & Lagers 2015 Week 11

    The Bills played amazing defense. That said....

    Give us a break. Injuries are all over the... Go to last post

    Amy 11-24-2015 02:52 PM
    Patrick Sullivan

    Wagers & Lagers 2015 Week 11

    Goddam Patriots can't just throttle everyone and get Operation EffYouGoodell over with. Driving me... Go to last post

    Patrick Sullivan 11-24-2015 02:05 PM

    The Water Cooler: Week 11

    The Pats D is legit. Malcolm Butler lives in his WR pocket. The Linebackers are good. And they... Go to last post

    iwatt 11-24-2015 10:49 AM
    Rich Gapinski

    Wagers & Lagers 2015 Week 11

    And now we have two pushes:

    RG: 3-3-2, 42-41-2 overall
    MK: 3-3-2, 41-42-2 overall
    PS: 2-4-2,... Go to last post

    Rich Gapinski 11-24-2015 10:34 AM

    The Water Cooler: Week 11

    I want to add two things about the Buffalo offense.

    1. It was nice to see them use Williams and... Go to last post

    ScottDCP 11-24-2015 09:56 AM

    The Water Cooler: Week 11

    2 things. Firs,t the Bills defense looked nearly amazing, The last drive in the first half ended on... Go to last post

    ScottDCP 11-24-2015 09:10 AM

    The Water Cooler: Week 11

    Early morning comments about last night:

    The Bills defense was amazing. It looked, for the... Go to last post

    Amy 11-24-2015 07:50 AM
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  • Council of the Learned 2012: Week Eight NFL Picks

    Eighth Week

    (Byes: Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston)

    Thursday, Oct. 25

    Tampa Bay at Minnesota, 8:20 p.m- So, I have a new solution for defending Hail Marys. We’ve seen balls batted into waiting arms of receivers and we’ve seen guys make interceptions that were really touchdowns. Many quarterbacks leave the pocket when they throw them. Why not teach defensive backs to just push all the receivers out of bounds? The timing portion would be the toughest part, but what if a defense could make all receivers ineligible? PICK: (MIN 9-0)

    Sunday, Oct. 28

    Carolina at Chicago, 1 p.m- I know the Panthers refuse to run the ball anymore. I know the Bears will run enough zone coverage to take away passing windows. But the Gapinski Curse may stink this one up since I will be there. Plus, I’ve never forgotten the “Tillman Falls Down” playoff game. PICK: (CHI 9-0)

    San Diego at Cleveland, 1 p.m- This game could make the heads of all sane fans watching explode from coaching ineptitude. The Colts were missing key players on the defensive line and have a bad run defense. Did Shurmur go for it on a 4th and 1? Of course not. The other sideline will house Norv. Good thing Browns management passes out a drug cocktail at the gate so fans can make it through the game without rioting. PICK: (SD 6-3)

    Seattle at Detroit, 1 p.m- Matt Stafford looked most effective this season against the Titans. Tennessee is allowing the highest QB rating in the league. The Seahawks pass defense is not the remedy for the suddenly inconsistent former Georgia Bulldog. PICK: (SEA 6-3)

    Jacksonville at Green Bay, 1 p.m- In yet another effort to endear the team with the city of Green Bay, the Packers are inviting all young kids with sleep issues to the game. The kids will get a solid three hours of sleep at Lambeau this weekend. Also, as a follow-up to last week’s column, no one was able to find a Jags fan in Oakland. PICK: (GB 9-0)

    Miami at N.Y. Jets, 1 p.m- As of this writing, the Miami Dolphins would be the #6 seed in the playoffs and would face the Pats in New England. It’s okay to continue to stare at this sentence. It’s also okay to take a shot of whiskey and pretend you never read it. PICK: (NYJ 5-4)

    Atlanta at Philadelphia, 1 p.m- Mike Vick faces his former team at home. As part of his rehabilitation, he has promised to give back to those he has wronged in the past. He plans to give the Falcons at least three total turnovers. Although, Andy Reid is 13-0 after the bye week in his career. Pop the cork, Mercury Morris.PICK: (PHI 6-3)

    Washington at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m- This would be a good game for RGIII to be a bit careful when running out of the pocket. The Steelers hit harder than drinking Edward Fortyhands in less than 20 minutes. The Redskins haven’t beaten Pittsburgh since 1991 when the leading rusher was the unforgettable Ricky Ervins. Whoops, I meant forgettable. PICK: (PIT 8-1)

    New England at St. Louis (at London), 1 p.m- You know who is really going to be pissed about this game? Londoners who have already bought their London Jaguars season tickets. They may get rowdy. It may be bad when the Rams come off the plane. Goodell may want them to dress as the Jags just so the fans across the pond can get used to watching losses. PICK: (NE 9-0)

    Indianapolis at Tennessee, 1 p.m- Andrew Luck and the Cardinal edged Jake Locker and the Huskies 41-0 the last time they faced each other. This one will probably be a little closer than that, but the Titans may have a problem if they run their usual ole’ passing defense. PICK: (TEN 5-4)

    Oakland at Kansas City, 4:05 p.m- The Most Likely to Finish 0-0 Game of the Week. Congratulations to the Raiders for being featured two weeks in a row. It’s going to be a bit awkward when Brady Quinn tries to push Jamaal Charles into the end zone on the final play of the game and then throws a beer bong at Matt Leinart. PICK: (OAK 7-2)

    N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 4:25 p.m- The Cowboys really tried to give that game to the Panthers. The Giants are back on the road; their favorite place to be. When Dallas shows poor decision-making, New York will take advantage. PICK: (NYG 6-3)

    New Orleans at Denver, 8:20 p.m- How good is Peyton Manning doing with his Charlie Frye arm? The Broncos have a mediocre pass defense, but no one would know it based on their #2 ranking in QB rating differential. Plus, Peyton is about 101-2 during regular season night games. PICK: (DEN 8-1)

    Monday, Oct. 29

    San Francisco at Arizona, 8:30 p.m- I think I have to set the moneyline at -155 for the Cardinals over the Chiefs for odds on who is more likely to be shut out. Max protection would be a really good idea for Arizona. The Niners need to just keep doing what they are doing. Well, not Alex Smith, unless you hate the Niner. PICK: (SF 9-0)

    LAST WEEK: 12-1

    SEASON: 63-41 (60.6%)

    Comments 4 Comments
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
      Chicago San Diego Seattle Green Bay Miami Atlanta Washington New England Tennessee Dallas in Denver San Francisco
    1. Trumpetbdw's Avatar

      Detroit over Seattle: As has been mentioned many times before, Seattle loses a lot of their luster on the road. Sooner rather than later, Stafford and Megatron are going to go off. Seattle's defense is good, but Detroit is at home, and these things seem to happen at times that make the least amount sense. This week would make as little sense as any, so give me the Lions.

      Miami over NY Jets: The Jets are going to shut down the Miami passing game, and Miami will shut down the somewhat improved Jets running game. That means that in potentially severe weather, this game comes down to Mark Sanchez against a pretty good pass defense vs. Reggie Bush against a struggling run defense. I'll take Miami every day of the week in that scenario.

      Indianapolis over Tennessee: This is mostly a buy low, sell high situation. Indy has struggled the last 2 weeks, while Tennessee is playing their best football. However, I'm not buying in completely on Chris Johnson, whose inconsistency sometimes rears its ugly head in games where it looks like he has a cushy matchup. I'll gladly take Luck and Wayne to both have huge days against a Tennessee defense that just allowed a near 110 rating day to Ryan Fitzpatrick.
    1. Pruitt's Avatar
      Good for them! The Chiefs fans are rising up: http://www.facebook.com/SaveOurChiefs
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar