• December 21st 1986 Bengals 52 Jets 21

    I remember this game so well because i was 13 yrs old and my first NFL game !(well we drove from Indianapolis as even though we had the colts,they were just awful at the time and my dad has always been a cincy fan.It was below freezing but still one of my fondest memories.Also a great game for you td wise,5 rec 3 tds 92 yds! Even Munoz scored.My question is do your favorite games revolve around how well you played or outcomes? Anyway Im glad you had a good game that day because I will always remember it! -Colts01

    I remember that game becuase I thought we were going to make the playoffs. It is always nice to score three tds but there is nothing like a blow out win. We had a blast goofing around at the end of that game. But, if you don't win, 3tds mean nothing. My best game ever we lost. That was not fun or memorable. -Cris Collinsworth
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      That was torture. New England screwed us on Monday night to end our dreams.