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    How soon is too soon to declare a guy as someone who doesn't get it? News came out today that the Detroit Lions defensive tackle may have incurred another traffic violation.

    It's pretty easy to make a list of controversial incidents with the talented player out of Nebraska. Suh had a great rookie year, amassing 66 tackles along with 10 sacks to continue the pronostications talking about his phenom status. His production fell in 2011 down to less than 40 tackles and just 4 sacks. This season has seen a bit of a rebound in the sack department in which he has 4.5 with five games to go. He is credited with 20 tackles thus far. It may be time to wonder if that production is worth it.

    Suh's most recent defense seemed to involve the idea that his prior actions now make him a target for negative stories. We're not talking Jay Cutler sourpuss stories here. We are talking about actual negative stories involving the law. Suh might have a proper defense if there was not an obvious pattern of previous behavior with no evidence of learning.

    The ticket would be his fourth traffic violation in the last two years. Last March, he was speeding to the tune on 36 MPH over the speed limit of 55 MPH in Portland, Oregon. Last December, while he was suspended for on field conduct that involved the stomping of an opposing player, Suh ran his vehicle into a tree when he lost control. Then there was the traffic accident last month . He also had a mysterious incident in college that involved parked cars, his car swerving and a squirrel that had to be saved.

    Common sense would tell us that a guy with one of the last big rookie contracts (5 years/$60MM with $40MM guaranteed, according to www.spotrac.com) would be able to find a way home if he is unable to be trusted behind the wheel of a car. Common sense would say that the Lions off-season filled with legal turmoil (with the March 2012 incident being part of it) would have led a meeting prior to the most recent incidents. Common sense seems to be something that is lacking in many Lions players.

    This does not help the outlook for the team. There is a growing amount of opinions coming out of Michigan that seem to think that the coach may not be helping the reputation of the team. In fact, Jim Schwartz feels that nothing is wrong. Suh's contract has a cap hit of over $17MM for the next two seasons before a slightly kinder season in 2015. It's possible that the Lions picked the exact wrong time to obtain three franchise players in three seasons because of the sheer money owed to Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford and Suh (about $50MM of cap hits in 2013 and 2014). The last thing that the Lions need is for one of those three players to be proven to be unreliable. It's time for Ndamukong Suh to become a man.

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    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      I've said bit before and I'll say it again, I'll take Geno Atkins over Suh every single time.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Suh is a beast. But there is an institutional alck of control in the Lions organization. Suh is just the most enabled of the bunch (a natural result based on his high payroll and elite status).
    1. darvon's Avatar
      ok. some of the other incidents may be of more consequence. This one isn't. Lathrup Village is about 3 mile from my house. I drive there.

      This was a speeding ticket. He was probably doing 45 in a 35. There are industrial 4 lane highways through that town at 35. 45 isn't unsafe. But the police there and generally around here write you up in a way to not get you points, but just a fine. They believe that people will just pay it as a tax, and not go to court, which ties up police.

      I myself got a "unsafe driving" doing 43 in a 35 in Berkley on a 5 lane major road in a commercial section. No points but $180 fine.

      It seems like the cop gave him the no points version and now because he can throw lawyers at anything, he will fight the charge, which is of course a non-sense charge.

      Other items may not be so clear. This is just a 45 in a 35 ticket. Whoop de do.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      Something's wrong with the Lions team culture. Schwartz says he only cares about what happens between the lines.

      But if Suh keeps up this pattern of behavior he won't be playing between the white lines, he'll be in the owner's box, watching it from afar.

      So it's in Schwartz's self-interest to get Suh straightened out. I'm thinking Schwartz doesn't have a complete handle on this head coaching business.
    1. hobbes27's Avatar
      Now I think Suh is a knucklehead, but this incident itself is rather tame.
    1. darvon's Avatar
      Not to diminish the fact that the Lions don't seem to be too disciplined on the field.
    1. darvon's Avatar
      But if Suh keeps up this pattern of behavior he won't be playing between the white lines, he'll be in the owner's box, watching it from afar.
      Not to be the defensive Lions fan.....but....

      This pattern of behavior. Any felonies? Any issues with abuse of women? Any PEDs?

      But he has had 4 prior fines/suspensions. This will make 5 if it happens. He was suspended for the stomping. He does get a lot of personal fouls.

      He also gave the largest single contribution by a former college player to his alma mater.

      He also graduated with an Engineering degree and is extremely articulate in public.

      The preponderance of personal fouls and fines does indicate a lack of control and discipline on the field.

      The traffic ticket/incident is his 4th in 12 months, which shows he probably needs to rein it in on the road. The tree incident is not major, but not trivial. The others are.

      Suh now has a media template. Every traffic ticket will make ESPN. That's the way it is.
    1. SpartaChris's Avatar
      I still don't understand how the league didn't suspend Suh for his donkey kick. While the target may have been incidental, it's obvious he had every intention of laying a cheap shot. For the league to fine and suspend players over helmet to helmet hits that are seemingly incidental, how they just let this deliberate act go with what will likely be a relatively small fine is beyond me.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by darvon View Post
      Not to be the defensive Lions fan.....but....

      Suh now has a media template. Every traffic ticket will make ESPN. That's the way it is.
      We humans love our patterns, we rely on them to navigate through life. Suh has a pattern. Not everything he does is significant, but he sure does do a lot of things that either the league or the law doesn't approve of. Repeat offenders end up getting punished. I can see Suh getting suspended, just for the gross accumulation of violations, if he doesn't change his pattern.
    1. Pruitt's Avatar
      Why would Suh listen to anyone telling him to "be a man," when even after many previous brushes with the law and last Thanksgiving's stomp, he still signs on with Subway to pitch their sandwiches?
    1. darvon's Avatar
      Did Suh re-sign recently? I missed that.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      @darvon No. He has one of the last big rookie contracts ever given.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Him and Bradford. And Gerald McCoy.

      In the NBA and MLB, rookies are the most valueable commodity because they are cheap. In the NFL, they became poison pills because you are paying for potential. Even the new contracts are still expensive (Luck is 20 million guaranteed). But compared to what they were before...
    1. Curtis's Avatar
      We've already had 30 pages of dirty or not dirty regarding Suh. So I'm not going there.
      Almost everyone has gotten a fender bender, clipped a curb or backed into a mailbox. Some people do it all the time, but we don't see those because they aren't famous. Suh sucks as a driver and the world knows it. While it's not newsworthy, it certainly does add weight to a pattern of behavior.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      I guess my problem is that the pattern seems to include the inability to know thyself and to show learning skills. Mostly likely, he needs an edge on the field and his actions are part of it and it is also most likely that he should just never drive.

      Worst case, he is a dirty player and he is doing some things and getting into car accidents and making bad decisions for something he hasn't been caught for yet.

      Maybe he doesn't want to pay for a driver. I don't like paying bills, but it helps me keep my house. Maybe the coach isn't helping. I dunno, but a pattern is a pattern.

      The gifts that he obviously makes off the field are nice stories, but as Lance Armstrong taught us, good things can be done by people who also do bad things.
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Rich Gapinski View Post
      ...a pattern is a pattern.
      I think this is why it is worth mentioning. As Curtis said, his tendencies on the field have been wrung out pretty thoroughly (and I have no idea how he wasn't suspended for kicking Schaub in the generations.) This indicates something in his makeup; either an inability to learn, recognize penalties, see the difference between getting away with something because you're a famous dude and doing something wrong, serious antisocial disorder of some kind, or a simple case of jackass. If not the last, there will probably soonish come a point where his on-field performance will suffer for whatever it is making him tick out of sync with society, and his career will degrade sooner than his physical abilities might suggest is likely, leading him to a quiet exit from the league, and at most a couple years later an arrest for either a violent, self-destructive, or trafficking sort of crime. The pattern he is walking has been trod before, by guys with great gobs of talent or lesser gobs. It proceeds to an endgame in similar fashion for those that do not seek assistance, regardless of how high they climbed before their inevitable tumble.

      If he is just a jackass then it isn't newsworthy, but who really wants to miss the scoop in any other event? This guy's life is likely going to be a roadkill diorama in the coming years, and our society loves that stuff.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      Suh has been fined for the kick:

    1. brauneyz's Avatar
      Suh's fine is making me crazy. The league has determined they can't know his intent (so it's accidental?) then why fine him at all? If they suspect intent (unsportsmanlike conduct to some, any body part) why isn't he suspended?

      Can't have it both ways Rog. This is why I despise you. You're an inconsistent dope.
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by brauneyz View Post
      Suh's fine is making me crazy. The league has determined they can't know his intent (so it's accidental?) then why fine him at all? If they suspect intent (unsportsmanlike conduct to some, any body part) why isn't he suspended?

      Can't have it both ways Rog. This is why I despise you. You're an inconsistent dope.
      Any dude who has been on the receiving end of one of those (Holy Cross School, fourth grade, a girl named Valerie took pride in getting all of us before Christmas - it was unpleasant) knows that it was intentional. If it was instinctive, that doesn't make it an accident. I'm with you, it makes no sense.
    1. darvon's Avatar
      OK. I have to agree with B.

      If the reason you can't do a suspension is intent, then WHY are you doing a find. He didn't kick him in the head. So other infractions are usually for malicious, over the line, intended offenses.

      Other than in the head, I don't know of ANY fine for an accidental impact, especially one that didn't cause a longterm injury.

      Absolutely inconsistant. That's what happens when you have a King rather than rules.