• The Week 14 Commish Report: The Fantasy Football Playoffs

    Week 14 Rankings

    In many leagues, the playoffs are upon us this week. Congrats to everyone who is still playing for a championship. I hope that for some of you, in some small way my weekly articles, waiver wire recommendations, and rankings have helped your team find success, and will continue to help as you march toward a championship.

    Many of us have end-of-season stories about how we either barely snuck into the playoffs, or just missed out, so I figured I’d share my story from this past weekend in my home league.

    Three teams in my division, including me, entered last weekend in a tie for 2nd at 5-7. In our league, the two division winners make the playoffs, and then the next 4 highest records get in, regardless of division. 5 playoff spots had been clinched, so the last spot was coming down to one of us. I missed a chance last week to knock one of those 2 guys out, putting me in the worst position, since I’d be losing out on a tie-breaker to both. The guy I'm playing against starts on Thursday night with Drew Brees. After his 5 INT debacle, I figured I was good as gold. Following Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson each getting off to a fast start for me on Sunday, I was feeling even better. But things slowed down, and my WRs really disappointed as Steve Smith went off on my bench. With the way things were going, and my opponent holding onto Bryce Brown, Miles Austin, and Alfred Morris in prime-time matchups, I figured he was probably good for around 110-120 points by the time he was done. In the 4 o’clock games, Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson got me to 119, but I was done, left to sweat out his team’s performance. Bryce Brown went off, and Miles Austin scored a 2nd half TD, giving Alfred Morris a shot to pull things through for him on Monday night. Due to yardage bonuses, Morris' performance on Monday would have warranted him 15 points. However Morris also had a lost fumble. That one play dropped him to 13 points, and I ended up squeaking out a 119-118 victory. While all of that was developing, the other team I needed to lose had a beatable lead going into Monday night, and while he was done, the other team still had Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks. Going into the 4th quarter, Eli was 24 passing yards away from securing an eventual spot in the playoffs for my team. However, he ended up with 4 yards, ended, ironically, by the final Alfred Morris 1st down to ice the game for the Redskins. The other guy ended up winning his matchup by 3, eliminating me from the playoffs. 3 teams, a 13 game season, yet only 4 points separating the 3 teams by season’s end. It was a tough way to go out.

    As in most leagues, we have a consolation bracket, but unlike in many leagues, this consolation actually means something, which is a nice touch that encourages all teams to field a competitive roster throughout the entire season. We are a 1 player keeper league, so once we adopted that format, we also adopted a rule where next year’s draft was determined by our inverted results from the previous season. The 4 non-playoff teams enter the consolation bracket, with the winner getting the #1 pick next year. I’m not happy that I’m out of it, but with Adrian Peterson worth a 3rd rounder to keep on my team for next year, I have a lot of incentive to try and win that first pick, and have a chance to pair the top two players in the game on my roster next season.

    One more note. I’m sure there are those of you out there who like the head to head format, but are frustrated because total points go unrewarded at the end of the season. If this is you, I feel your pain. In my league, 2 of the top 3 scoring teams (my team was 3rd) finished on the outside of the playoffs. One option to consider for next year is to reward the two division champions as always, plus the next 2 best teams according to record. But for the final 2 spots, consider including the top 2 remaining teams according to total points as opposed to the teams with the 5th and 6th best records. It’s a change I’ll be proposing to my league next year.

    Football Pros Fantasy Football League Updates-

    In the Football Pros Yahoo League, mikesteelnation1, with the help of Andy Dalton, and the excellent FA acquisitions Cecil Shorts and Bryce Brown (clearly mike reads my articles more than I do), has secured the top seed with a 9-4 record and a first round bye. Vancemeek has the #2 seed and a bye, while my team barely squeezed into the playoffs as the 6 seed, with a 6-6-1 record. My matchup this week is against iwatt, who has done very well in his first fantasy football experience. The other matchup features Packa7x vs. Biggie’s team.

    In the FP Commish Court League on nfl.com, my team, led by the RGIII and Matt Ryan platoon, has ridden a 5 game winning streak to the top seed with an 8-5 record. Kaba, also 8-5, has secured the other bye, somehow overcoming a QB tandem of Joe Flacco and Philip Rivers. Facing off this week are DaBearsFan vs. Polish, and Docta is squaring off against BobbyJ.

    Packa7x is the commissioner of the other FP league. Packa, if you’d like to post some of the info regarding the playoffs in your league, please feel free to do so below.

    If you have your own crazy story from the end of the regular season, or would like some input regarding lineup decisions, strategy, or anything else dealing with your team, please drop me a line, comment below, or comment on the ranking's page. Thanks, and good luck to all this weekend!