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  • Cam Cameron Fired, God Proven to Exist

    Shhhhhh....listen. Can you hear that? That is the faint sound of a chorus of angels cascading down upon the city of Baltimore today, coincidentally arriving along with the news of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's dismissal.

    Cameron was hired as the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens in 2008, having been fired by the Miami Dolphins as head coach after just one season, in which he compiled a 1-15 record. In hindsight, that probably should have been some sort of clue. Those first couple of years were splendid though for a franchise historically used to offensive output ranging from inept to mediocre. In 2008, Cameron's first year in the new role, they were 11th in points scored. That success carried over to 2009 and reached even higher heights when the team ranked 9th in the same category. Oh what a merry and joyous time it was.

    But soon after, things began to turn for the worse. In 2010 the offense dropped all the way down to 16th in points scored and 22nd in total yardage. 2010 was also a year in which superstar RB Ray Rice averaged 23.1 touches per game. That figure would dip in 2011 to 22.9 touches per game, and then a drastic drop this season to 19.3 with more emphasis being placed on the passing attack. A passing attack which is, of course, designed as if it was the mid-nineties and full of iso routes and other rage-inducing features.

    Fan frustration steadily had been building up over the past few seasons with Cameron, who had developed the knack for always making the stupidest play-call at the worst possible times, and trying his damnedest to single-handedly lose games with his play-calling (See, Kansas City Chiefs - 2012, Jacksonville Jaguars - 2011, etc.). Current quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell will take over the offensive coordinator duties in the short-term, and will likely be interviewed for the position in the offseason. Rumors have already popped up that the team would be interested in pursuing Norv Turner were he to be fired by the San Diego Chargers this offseason.

    With my final words here, I bid you adieu Cam. And that from now on, whenever I'm watching any football game anywhere, I shall always think of you when I see a runningback take the handoff and run directly into the center for no gain. I shall be reminded of you whenever I watch team continuously try to establish a passing game despite no evidence that you are actually gaining any traction in doing so, especially when in the process the said team completely ignores their runningback that also happens to be the best player on the team. But most of all Cam, I shall miss you whenever I accidentally hit the "Ask Madden" button whenever I'm playing Madden on my XBox 360, and I see the play-calls that you made your living off of.

    Oh, and also whenever I see Ted Ginn Jr. and his family.

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    1. Colts01's Avatar
      Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins > Jim Caldwell....
    1. brauneyz's Avatar
      Kaba, I thought of you immediately when I read this in the AM. Anyone who has ever been in chat with you knows your feelings about Cam, but I'm curious what you think of elevating Caldwell? I mean, all those years in some position at the Colts was in name only, as Peyton was wearing at least 3 hats for the duration. Is Caldwell capable of calling plays? Are we sure he's going to be any better than Cam? (I know, I know, you'll take your chances ... )
    1. mkocs6's Avatar
      I need a new angle for commenting whenever I have to pick a Ravens game...
    1. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
      I'll miss the heave and pray offense. I'll miss flaccid being highlighted, while rice is ignored touches.

      Caldwell may not{show it} but he's got to be hoping for another qb. Flaccid isn't the guy to lead them to a Lombardi..
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      This is really going to test whether or not Flacco will ever be "it." That is what happens when you hire a guy to call plays who may not be alive.
    1. msclemons's Avatar
      I was sound asleep when the sound of Kaba's joyous roar from 3000 miles away woke me.

      Unfortunately, Ray Rice is suffering the debilitating effects of an 8 hour orgasm and will be placed on IR tomorrow.

      *edit* Also, how embarrassing would it be to get replaced at your job by a cardboard cut-out? Caldwell? Seriously?
    1. Colts01's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by msclemons View Post
      I was sound asleep when the sound of Kaba's joyous roar from 3000 miles away woke me.

      Unfortunately, Ray Rice is suffering the debilitating effects of an 8 hour orgasm and will be placed on IR tomorrow.

      *edit* Also, how embarrassing would it be to get replaced at your job by a cardboard cut-out? Caldwell? Seriously?
      Wake up!!Ya bastard......
      Since when is Caldwell an upgrade?
    1. msclemons's Avatar
      That's what I'm saying! Cameron got replaced by Caldwell. The Ravens essentially decided that a corpse was better than Cameron and Ted Ginn's family.
    1. Evan Vracar's Avatar
      I think it is hard to say whether or not Caldwell is or is not necessarily an upgrade. He is an unknown quantity as far as the NFL is concerned, as he hasn't called plays since his days as head coach at Wake Forest back in the nineties and up until 2000. From what little I can gather about his results, it seems that his teams there generally had a good passing game, but were rarely competent on the ground. It's hard to really interpret what that means, if it means anything at all, for how he'll call plays for the Ravens.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Week 15.... ughhh that is risky.
    1. xmenehune's Avatar
      Desperate move? bold move? prudent move?
      BAL faces DEN this weekend and to beat Manning, as the rest of the AFC South knows, you play keep away.
      We're all waiting to see the playcalling, I hope NOT to see the no-huddle, BAL needs to run and run and run and run. I'm wondering if BAL D will hold up, maybe show zero retreat to one or two and test Mannings arm. Manning has thrown more floaters lately, to his left is where I noticed that tendency. If I see it I wonder if BAL does?
      BAL could do the vanilla D thing that TB did well for a half, this game will be on my must watch list...