• Gone Fishing

    The Statue of Liberty talks about taking the sick, poor and huddled masses. While Jeff Fisher is no gift from France, he is a gift to the troubled NFL player. The former Titans head coach continued his trend of taking on employees with major red flags in their past when the Rams signed Titus Young Sr. today.

    Young, who dared the Lions to fire him more than once on Twitter, was granted his wish on Monday when they let him go. The release followed a long run of incidents throughout the season that included clashes with his bosses as well as rumors of him taking plays off or running incorrect routes on purpose. Before all of his problems in 2012, he had a decent season in 2011 with 48 catches and six touchdowns as a rookie drafted in the second round.

    Jeff Fisher has taken on such names as Adam "PacMan" Jones, Albert Hayneworth and Janoris Jenkins in the past. Fisher's level of success with young players in need of reformation can be debated. Jones had two very good seasons in Tennessee, including three punt returns for touchdowns in 2006, before off the field incidents led to some traveling around the league. Haynesworth lasted seven seasons with the Titans before a much publicized incident where he stomped on the head of Andre Gurode. He had plenty of rumors surrounding him in Tennessee that included fights with players and coaches along with questions about effort. The defensive tackle had a career-high 8.5 sacks in 2008 and cashed in with Dan Snyder, a move that took a chainsaw to the playoff hopes of the Washington Redskins. He was later released. Jenkins is a work in progress. He had the usual rookie issues in coverage at times, but improved throughout the season and had a game where he returned two interceptions for touchdowns. Of course, that was against the Cardinals, so their merits can be debated.

    The difference between those moves and the signing of Young Sr. is that the former Boise State star has already failed somewhere else before Fisher got his crack at him. No one can be sure if the move will work out, but the move seems like a low risk move for a team that needs as much help as it can get at wide receiver. Jeff Fisher certainly has the experience needed with tough personalities. Of course, Sam Bradford would probably be upset if the Rams signed Randy Moss as well.

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      Um, that was fast:


      The only thing that can be said is that I do hope that Young gets the help he needs. There is something seriously wrong.