• OTA: Week 2 49ers-Seahawks

    Jim Harbaugh

    Rivalry with Pete Carroll is overblown. We talk before every game and at every owners meeting. It's just competition. I don't hate him, I don't hate anyone.

    Anquan Boldin trade: John called at 5:20 EST, 'Ozzie's gonna release Anquan at 6am. Anything you'd give for him?' Ozzie wasn't going to do a 7 because he thought that was disrespectful. It was done by 2 minutes to 6.

    Colin Kaepernick

    38 on the Wonderlick test (he didn't bring that up. Cris asked, he confirmed).

    Threw out the first pitch at a Giants game. 87 mph 4-seam fastball in jeans and tennis shoes.

    Q: What did you take from the Super Bowl loss?
    A: I took from that, that I had to get better. Replaying that game in my mind there were different plays that I could have made, different plays that I should have made. Could I have gotten our offense in different situations at different times that would have helped us out more? I rehash almost every thing about that game to see if there’s anything I could have done differently to help us win that game

    Justin Smith

    [has been named All Pro at both DE and DT each of the last 2 years. Cris asked if which he is] I used to be a defensive end when I weighed under 290. Over 290, they put a T next to you. When I end up at nose guard I'm done, I'm retiring. I'm a cheeseburger away.

    Marshawn Lynch reminds me of Jamal Lewis. I've never played against anyone else who runs as hard as that. You have to think about what you're doing a little more when tackling him instead of just grabbing a little guy. He just keeps his legs going.

    Russell Wilson had a scramble and throw vs the Panthers. If that play was in the playoffs, it would be a legendary play. One of the damnedest things I've ever seen.

    Seahawks zone blocking scheme: main thing for us is to set the edges, can't let the zone schemes get too far. That's where they can cut people, get them on the ground. Don't get cut, stay on your feet.
    They stretch the c-gap to make your safeties make plays, then go to play action and throw it over your head.

    Singletary vs Harbaugh: There's not a lot of rah-rah stuff now. X's and O's, here's how we're going to beat them.

    This scheme fits me better than in Cincinnati. If I was still on the edge I'd probably be sitting at home right now. That's a young man's game out there. I like it closer to the middle.

    Patrick Willis

    Broke my hand pass rushing in practice, hit Bruce Miller's knee. I've broken my right hand 3 times, different place each time. Played my senior year in high school with a broken left hand, didn't know it. Didn't get it fixed until after my freshman year in college. Cowboy (Justin Smith) tells me 'if we only played when we feel good, we'd probably never play'.

    B.J. Daniels played Russell Wilson this week in practice. I told him 'because of you I'm going to get 2 sacks and an interception'. He said 'if you do, you better take me out to eat.' We'll go to the cafe, he said no, he wants Cheesecake Factory. If we have a good day on defense, I'll take him somewhere to eat.
    [note - I'm guessing Daniels didn't get to the Cheesecake Factory]

    Pete Carroll

    We have five 1:00 games on the east coast. The 49ers have 2. We practiced at 10am in camp to get ready.

    [Al asked: how do you want to play the read option] Really well.

    Big defensive backs: I was always a secondary coach. One day I went to Raiders practice and watched Willie Brown coach Michael Haynes and Lester Haynes on playing bump and run. I started looking for big corners with long arms who are fast. I don't care if they are stiff in the hips. That doesn't matter playing bump and run. Jam the receiver, turn and run.

    Russell Wilson

    Pro Bowl: I spent a lot of time hanging out with Larry Fitzgerald. We went to the other side of the island to watch people surf but we got lost. Just drove around, stopped and had lunch. We spent about 8 hours together.

    Throwing accurately on the run: The key is to get your shoulders square. Whether you're a 2nd baseman [Wilson played 2nd base in the minor leagues] or a jump shooter like Ray Allen. The key is to square your shoulders.

    Runs 5 camps for inner city kids in the off-season. Worked with over 1400 kids.

    Sister Anna signed to play basketball at Stanford. Signed this year before her sophomore year in high school. Point guard, she's about my height. Last time I played her, I lost.

    Richard Sherman

    Anquan Boldin got off last week. There was one play where he jogged in, caught the slant then sprinted in to the end zone. He didn't sprint the route. Why are you letting him do this? Another play he was in double coverage and caught the ball over both of them. If you see that this week, I'll probably head to the sideline, tell them to take me out.

    Parents always preach academics. Inner city is hard (grew up in Compton), find a way to get to college and get out of it. We couldn't play sports unless we had a B average. After a while my mom made it an A average for me because she thought school was easy for me. "I just saw my brother come home with 3 B's and a C and you curse me out for all A's and a B?"

    Dad drives a trash truck for the city of L.A. He still does it. When I go home, he still gets up at 3:45 to go to work.

    I was tempted. You see it so much- drug dealers, gang members. Our family was so inclusive, if there was a bum in the street, mom would bring him in and give him leftovers. People would push us to the side “No, I know you’re mom. Get out of here.” Anyone in our family, they’d keep us out of trouble. I thank my parents for that.

    [Cris: you're an intellectual, but there's that other side, flamboyant and outspoken. Where does that come from?] That just comes from playing the game. If I'm a knife, it sharpens my edge. If I'm talking this way, I have to back it up.
    My brother talks crap to me every single game since I was about 10. He finds the best player on the other team. If we’re playing the Lions, “Megatron’s about to go for 250. He might break the record on you this game.” “do you really think you can guard Steve Smith?” I’m always pissed off going into every game. If I play bad ‘I told you’. If I play well ‘so what, next week you have A.J. Green’.

    Skip Bayless: I just got tired of hearing him. You come with no facts.

    played for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford
    move from WR to DB in college: I wanted to move my 2nd year. They wouldn't let me, not enough experience at WR. I missed the next year with patellar tendon injury. Doug Baldwin and Ryan Whalen got experience. The next year they let me move.

    RG3 visit [RG3 told us that he visited Stanford even though Andrew Luck had already signed. He was told that they would alternate at QB. He got suspicious when Sherman, then a WR, was his host] They were pissed at me. What'd you want me to tell the kid? He was a great kid. Told him he would alternate with Andrew Luck. Does that even sound right? I didn't want to put him in a bad situation. Didn't want to lie to him.

    [Cris: is it true that you wanted to move to defense to get away from Jim Harbaugh?] There's some truth to that. We didn't have the best relationship at the end.

    slipped to the 5th round. I thought it was my 40-time. I was told that I didn't get high praise from my coaches at Stanford.

    If you see me looking over there, I'm not looking at any players.

    Twitter feud with Darrelle Revis: it started as a joke. Guys from bleacher report said it would be hilarious if you did it at the Super Bowl "who's the best lockdown corner?" The back and forth started when he said I was running my mouth like a little girl on twitter. I don't have much of a problem with him. [much?] Not much of a problem.

    Best part of Anquan Boldin's game is his hands. he makes a lot of hard catches in traffic with people draped on him. None of that affects him. He's like an ox with hands.

    [what does America not know about you but should?] I think I'm a pretty hilarious guy.

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    1. KabaModernFan's Avatar
      Awesome stuff as always Andy. Especially when you get to talk with guys like Sherman who are always so open and honest about things that most players and coaches have been trained to give the stock answer on.
    1. Andy Freeland's Avatar
      Sherman is really the best interview we've ever had. Very honest, intelligent and a seriously funny dude.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      That Sherman stuff is gold. The stories about his mom and his upbringing, I had no idea. Just fantastic. It really rounds out the picture on a guy who is too easy to pigeonhole as another MeAngelo Hall.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      Wait, wait, Skip Bayless is nothing more than a TV character? I just.... I just... I dunno if I can go on.

      Really love seeing this stuff again. It's great.
    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      I used to be a defensive end when I weighed under 290. Over 290, they put a T next to you. When I end up at nose guard I'm done, I'm retiring. I'm a cheeseburger away.
      Awesome. Make it a 100% ground sirloin burger. Skip the cheese, bacon and mayo, big man. Stay right there at 299.7#.
    1. brauneyz's Avatar
      Love these post-party notes. Thx Andy, for another fun read.
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      thank you for posting, great stuff.
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      Awesome. LOVE this feature. Hope to see it again this week!