• The Commish Report/FF Open Thread: Week 10

    Strength of Schedule

    Now a full 9 weeks into the season, we should have a pretty good grasp at this point as to the players that have earned their way into our lineups on a weekly basis, and the matchups that we’d like to exploit. Last week, I discussed the group of players that I consider to be “matchup proof”, and also posted a position-specific list of the defenses to avoid when setting your lineup. This week, I would like to piggy-back off of the information I passed along last week, and simply list the teams that have the easiest, and most difficult strength of schedule moving forward.

    These matchups don’t necessarily apply to the list of 16 matchup-proof starters I gave you last week, although if used properly, the schedule can provide a nice tie-breaker if you’re trying to decide which of those players you’d like to acquire. Also, keep in mind that the list of 16 players turned into 15 when Aaron Rodgers went down on Monday night. At QB, while others are close, now only Peyton Manning and Drew Brees make my list of unbenchable players, no matter the matchup. If you are a Rodgers owner, or simply have a weak spot in your lineup, hopefully you’ll be able to use the following information to your advantage, whether you’re shuffling your own roster, acquiring players on the wire, or looking to make a trade that can put you over the top.

    Please note that your league’s trade deadline is approaching within the next couple of weeks. For those participating in the FP leagues on ESPN, the trade deadline is Wednesday, November 20 at 12 NOON. For the nfl.com league, the deadline is November 22

    Easiest Strength of Schedule (Week 10-16)


    1. Kansas City (bye, @Den, SD, Den, @Was, @Oak, Ind)
    2. Tennessee (Jac, Ind, @Oak, @Ind, @Den, Ari, @Jac)
    3. Green Bay (Phi, @NYG, Min, @Det, Atl, @Dal, Pit)
    4. Houston (@Ari, Oak, Jac, NE, @Jac, @Ind, Den)
    5. Philadelphia (@GB, Was, bye, Ari, Det, @Min, Chi)

    1. Green Bay (Phi, @NYG, Min, @Det, Atl, @Dal, Pit)
    2. Philadelphia (@GB, Was, bye, Ari, Det, @Min, Chi)
    3. Buffalo (@Pit, NYJ, bye, Atl, @TB, @Jac, Mia)
    4. Chicago (Det, Bal, @Stl, @Min, Dal, @Cle, @Phi)
    5. Washington (@Min, @Phi, SF, NYG, KC, @Atl, Dal)

    1. Kansas City (bye, @Den, SD, Den, @Was, @Oak, Ind)
    2. Chicago (Det, Bal, @Stl, @Min, Dal, @Cle, @Phi)
    3. Green Bay (Phi, @NYG, Min, @Det, Atl, @Dal, Pit)
    4. New York Giants (Oak, GB, Dal, @Was, @SD, Sea, @Det)
    5. Washington (@Min, @Phi, SF, NYG, KC, @Atl, Dal)

    1. Philadelphia (@GB, Was, bye, Ari, Det, @Min, Chi)
    2. Houston (@Ari, Oak, Jac, NE, @Jac, @Ind, Den)
    3. Tennessee (Jac, Ind, @Oak, @Ind, @Den, Ari, @Jac)
    4. Seattle (@Atl, Min, bye, NO, @SF, @NYG, Ari)
    5. Buffalo (@Pit, NYJ, bye, Atl, @TB, @Jac, Mia)

    1. Green Bay (Phi, @NYG, Min, @Det, Atl, @Dal, Pit)
    2. Buffalo (@Pit, NYJ, bye, Atl, @TB, @Jac, Mia)
    3. Detroit (@Chi, @Pit, TB, GB, @Phi, Bal, NYG)
    4. Baltimore (Cin, @Chi, NYJ, Pit, Min, @Det, NE)
    5. Chicago (Det, Bal, @Stl, @Min, Dal, @Cle, @Phi)

    1. Jacksonville (@Ten, Ari, @Hou, @Cle, Hou, Buf, Ten)
    2. Dallas (@NO, bye, @NYG, Oak, @Chi, GB, @Was)
    3. Buffalo (@Pit, NYJ, bye, Atl, @TB, @Jac, Mia)
    4. Detroit (@Chi, @Pit, TB, GB, @Phi, Bal, NYG)
    5. Cleveland (bye, @Cin, Pit, Jac, @NE, Chi, @NYJ)

    Toughest Strength of Schedule (Week 10-16)


    1. Indianapolis (Stl, @Ten, @Ari, Ten, @Cin, Hou, @KC)
    2. New Orleans (Dal, SF, @Atl, @Sea, Car, @Stl, @Car)
    3. Jacksonville (@Ten, Ari, @Hou, @Cle, Hou, Buf, Ten)
    4. New England (bye, @Car, Den, @Hou, Cle, @Mia, @Bal)
    5. Carolina (@SF, NE, @Mia, TB, @NO, NYJ, NO)

    1. Miami (@TB, SD, Car, @NYJ, @Pit, NE, @Buf)
    2. Pittsburgh (Buf, Det, @Cle, @Bal, Mia, Cin, @GB)
    3. Denver (@SD, KC, @NE, @KC, Ten, SD, @Hou)
    4. St. Louis (@Ind, bye, Chi, @SF, @Ari, NO, TB)
    5. Cincinnati (@Bal, Cle, bye, @SD, Ind, @Pit, Min)

    1. Indianapolis (Stl, @Ten, @Ari, Ten, @Cin, Hou, @KC)
    2. Jacksonville (@Ten, Ari, @Hou, @Cle, Hou, Buf, Ten)
    3. New Orleans (Dal, SF, @Atl, @Sea, Car, @Stl, @Car)
    4. New England (bye, @Car, Den, @Hou, Cle, @Mia, @Bal)
    5. Arizona (Hou, @Jac, Ind, @Phi, Stl, @Ten, @Sea)

    1. Denver (@SD, KC, @NE, @KC, Ten, SD, @Hou)
    2. San Francisco (Car, @NO, @Was, Stl, Sea, @TB, Atl)
    3. Arizona (Hou, @Jac, Ind, @Phi, Stl, @Ten, @Sea)
    4. Tampa Bay (Mia, Atl, @Det, @Car, Buf, SF, @Stl)
    5. Atlanta (Sea, @TB, NO, @Buf, @GB, Was, @SF)

    1. Denver (@SD, KC, @NE, @KC, Ten, SD, @Hou)
    2. Indianapolis (Stl, @Ten, @Ari, Ten, @Cin, Hou, @KC)
    3. New Orleans (Dal, SF, @Atl, @Sea, Car, @Stl, @Car)
    4. Atlanta (Sea, @TB, NO, @Buf, @GB, Was, @SF)
    5. Carolina (@SF, NE, @Mia, TB, @NO, NYJ, NO)

    1. New Orleans (Dal, SF, @Atl, @Sea, Car, @Stl, @Car)
    2. St. Louis (@Ind, bye, Chi, @SF, @Ari, NO, TB)
    3. Carolina (@SF, NE, @Mia, TB, @NO, NYJ, NO)
    4. Chicago (Det, Bal, @Stl, @Min, Dal, @Cle, @Phi)
    5. Tampa Bay (Mia, Atl, @Det, @Car, Buf, SF, @Stl)

    Week 10 Lineup Rankings (Updated Fri. 11:30PM)
    Bye Week- Cleveland, New England, Kansas City, New York Jets
    1.	Peyton Manning DEN @ SD
    2.	Drew Brees NO vs. Dal
    3.	Philip Rivers SD vs. Den
    4.	Andrew Luck IND vs. Stl
    5.	Matthew Stafford DET @ Chi
    6.	Robert Griffin III WAS @ Min
    7.	Tony Romo DAL @ NO
    8.	Cam Newton CAR @ SF
    9.	Russell Wilson SEA @ Atl
    10.	Nick Foles PHI @ GB
    11.	Colin Kaepernick SF vs. Car
    12.	Terrell Pryor OAK @ NYG
    13.	Jay Cutler CHI vs. Det
    14.	Matt Ryan ATL vs. Sea
    15.	Andy Dalton CIN @ Bal
    16.	Ben Roethlisberger PIT vs. Buf
    17.	Eli Manning NYG vs. Oak
    18.	Jake Locker TEN vs. Jac
    19.	Joe Flacco BAL vs. Cin
    20.	Carson Palmer ARI vs. Hou
    21.	Ryan Tannehill MIA @ TB
    22.	Case Keenum HOU @ Ari
    23.	Mike Glennon TB vs. Mia
    24.	Chad Henne JAC @ Ten
    25.	Christian Ponder MIN vs. Was
    1.	Adrian Peterson MIN vs. Was
    2.	Eddie Lacy GB vs. Phi
    3.	Matt Forte CHI vs. Det
    4.	Marshawn Lynch SEA @ Atl
    5.	LeSean McCoy PHI @ GB
    6.	Reggie Bush DET @ Chi
    7.	Knowshon Moreno DEN @ SD
    8.	Frank Gore SF vs. Car
    9.	Alfred Morris WAS @ Min
    10.	Danny Woodhead SD vs. Den
    11.	Le’Veon Bell PIT vs. Buf
    12.	Chris Johnson TEN vs. Jac
    13.	Ray Rice BAL vs. Cin
    14.	CJ Spiller BUF @ Pit
    15.	Zac Stacy STL @ Ind
    16.	Mike James TB vs. Mia 
    17.	Ben Tate HOU @ Ari (Foster is out, but tough matchup, and Tate dealing with 4 broken ribs)
    18.	Giovanni Bernard CIN @ Bal
    19.	Andre Ellington ARI vs. Hou
    20.	DeMarco Murray DAL @ NO
    21.	Maurice Jones-Drew JAC @ Ten
    22.	Trent Richardson IND vs. Stl
    23.	Pierre Thomas NO vs. Dal
    24.	Darren Sproles NO vs. Dal
    25.	Rashard Jennings OAK @ NYG
    26.	Steven Jackson ATL vs. Sea
    27.	DeAngelo Williams CAR @ SF
    28.	Lamar Miller Mia @ TB
    29.	Peyton Hillis NYG vs. Oak
    30.	Ryan Mathews SD @ Den
    31.	Fred Jackson BUF @ Pit
    32.	Roy Helu WAS @ Min
    33.	Donald Brown IND @ Hou
    34.	Jacquizz Rodgers ATL vs. Sea
    35.	BenJarvus Green-Ellis CIN @ Bal
    36.	Mike Tolbert CAR @ SF
    37.	James Starks GB vs. Phi
    38.	Montee Ball DEN @ SD
    39.	Rashard Mendenhall ARI vs. Hou
    40.	Andre Brown NYG vs. Oak 
    1.	Calvin Johnson DET @ Chi
    2.	Brandon Marshall CHI vs. Det
    3.	Demaryius Thomas DEN @ SD
    4.	AJ Green CIN @ Bal
    5.	Dez Bryant DAL @ NO
    6.	Antonio Brown PIT vs. Buf
    7.	Pierre Garcon WAS @ Min
    8.	Victor Cruz NYG vs. Oak
    9.	Eric Decker DEN @ SD
    10.	DeSean Jackson PHI @ GB
    11.	TY Hilton IND vs. Stl
    12.	Vincent Jackson TB vs. Mia
    13.	Keenan Allen SD vs. Den
    14.	Andre Johnson HOU @ Ari
    15.	Wes Welker DEN vs. SD
    16.	Denarius Moore OAK @ NYG
    17.	Jordy Nelson GB vs. Phi
    18.	Alshon Jeffery CHI vs. Det
    19.	Torrey Smith BAL vs. Cin
    20.	Hakeem Nicks NYG vs. Oak
    21.	Larry Fitzgerald ARI vs. Hou
    22.	Cecil Shorts JAC @ Ten
    23.	Steve Smith CAR @ SF
    24.	Terrence Williams DAL @ NO
    25.	Golden Tate SEA @ Atl
    26.	Stevie Johnson BUF @ Pit
    27.	Kendall Wright TEN vs. Jac
    28.	Michael Floyd ARI vs. Hou
    29.	Marques Colston NO vs. Dal
    30.	Harry Douglas ATL vs. Sea
    31.	Riley Cooper PHI @ GB
    32.	Brian Hartline MIA @ TB
    33.	DeAndre Hopkins HOU @ Ari
    34.	Jerricho Cotchery PIT vs. Buf
    35.	Kenny Stills NO vs. Dal
    36.	Mike Wallace MIA @ TB
    37.	Marvin Jones CIN @ Mia
    38.	Lance Moore NO vs. Dal
    39.	Reuben Randle NYG vs. Oak
    40.	Greg Jennings MIN vs. Was
    41.	Emmanuel Sanders PIT vs. Buf
    42.	Nate Washington TEN @ Stl
    43.	Chris Givens STL vs. Ten
    44.	Santana Moss WAS vs. Min
    45.	Eddie Royal SD vs. Den
    46.	Rod Streater OAK @ NYG
    47.	Ted Ginn Jr CAR @ SF
    48.	Doug Baldwin SEA @ Atl
    49.	Brandon LaFell CAR @ SF
    50.	Roddy White ATL vs. Sea
    1.	Jimmy Graham NO vs. Dal
    2.	Jordan Reed WAS @ Min
    3.	Antonio Gates SD vs. Den
    4.	Vernon Davis SF vs. Car
    5.	Jason Witten DAL @ NO
    6.	Tony Gonzalez ATL vs. Sea
    7.	Julius Thomas DEN @ SD
    8.	Greg Olsen CAR @ SF
    9.	Martellus Bennett CHI vs. Det
    10.	Tim Wright TB vs. Mia
    11.	Coby Fleener IND vs. Stl
    12.	Garrett Graham HOU @ Ari
    13.	Charles Clay MIA @ TB
    14.	Brandon Pettigrew DET @ Chi
    15.	Jared Cook STL @ Ind
    1.	Steven Hauschka SEA @ Atl
    2.	Matt Prater DEN @ SD
    3.	Adam Vinatieri IND vs. Stl
    4.	Blair Walsh MIN vs. Was
    5.	Garrett Hartley NO vs. Dal
    6.	Robbie Gould CHI vs. Det
    7.	Dan Bailey DAL @ NO
    8.	Kai Forbath WAS @ Min
    9.	Rob Bironas TEN vs. Jac
    10.	Nick Novak SD vs. Den
    11.	Mike Nugent CIN @ Bal
    12.	Sebastian Janikowski OAK @ NYG
    13.	Phil Dawson SF vs. Car
    14.	Justin Tucker BAL vs. Cin
    15.	David Akers DET @ Chi
    1.	Seahawks @ Atl
    2.	Titans vs. Jac
    3.	Colts vs. Stl
    4.	49ers vs. Car
    5.	Broncos vs. SD
    6.	Saints vs. Dal
    7.	Bears vs. Det
    8.	Bills @ Pit
    9.	Panthers @ SF
    10.	Redskins @ Min
    11.	Giants vs. Oak
    12.	Lions @ Chi
    13.	Dolphins @ TB
    14.	Raiders @ NYG
    15.	Ravens vs. Cin
    *Follow this link for inactive report.  Usually updated an hour to an hour and a half prior to kickoff.

    Week 10 Shots in the Dark
    QB- Terrell Pryor, Jake Locker
    RB- Mike James, Donald Brown, Peyton Hillis
    WR- Jerricho Cotchery, Doug Baldwin, Kenny Stills, Kris Durham
    TE- Timothy Wright, Garrett Graham
    K- Kai Forbath
    DST- Cardinals

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    Email me- FPCommish@gmail.com

    Your week 10 Fantasy Football Thread is now open for business.

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    1. Trumpetbdw's Avatar
      Jay Cutler has been cleared and will start against the Lions.

      Kyle Rudolph has a broken foot, and will miss a month. I somehow missed this when compiling my rankings.

      Roddy White looks like he'll be returning this weekend for the Falcons.
    1. wxwax's Avatar
      Mr. Griffin appears to be fully recovered from his knee surgery. He's playing very well.
    1. Trumpetbdw's Avatar
      Arian Foster is out this week. He has back and hamstring issues. With him missing his 2nd week in a row, it's starting to look like this may be more serious than was initially believed, and could be worrisome when considering Foster for the foreseeable future.