• Top 10...Bottom 5: Week 15!

    Another week in the NFL in the books, and unlike most weeks, we actually got a big of clarity. There's a clear top 4 in the NFL right now and its not even close between #4 and #5. Green Bay, New England, Denver and Seattle are the clear class of the league and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone, just look at who they have under center and who they have roaming the sidelines. More often than not, teams with top QB's and top coaches will rise to the top.

    In the playoff picture, things are getting a little less murky. While the AFC last week looked like an 11 team race, its now looking more like a 7 team race this week with the other 4 needing a lot of help to get in. So, 7 teams for 6 spots. In the NFC, things were clear last week and are still relatively clear this week. Arizona got back on track to re-claim the number 1 seed for the moment, but the NFC is basically an 8 team race at this point with Atlanta holding a slight edge over New Orleans in the dire NFC South.

    It was also a sloppy week in the NFL. 23 of the 34 QB's who took snaps this week committed a turnover (67.6%). Another 6 put the ball on the ground but their teams recovered it. There are surely a lot of upset offensive coaches this morning.

    We had some shakeup in the Bottom 5. No new teams, but teams in new spots. Oakland got a big win over the 49ers, and continue to play everyone tough these days (minus the Rams). Meanwhile, teams like Tennessee, Washington and Tampa Bay continue to just be a complete mess.

    Let's get on to the rankings!

    Top 10

    1. Green Bay (1) - its ridiculous how well Aaron Rodgers is playing this season, and it may go down as one of the best seasons EVER for a QB.

    ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo · Dec 8
    Aaron Rodgers making 100th career start tonight vs Falcons. He has the most Pass TD through first 100 starts in NFL history @EliasSports
    2. New England (2) - it wasn't easy, but they pulled out a very tough, quality win in San Diego. The Patriots may have their best defense since the last time they won the Super Bowl. Statworthy: The Patriots have won 10+ games in 12 straight seasons, the second longest streak in NFL history.

    3. Denver (3) - the most dangerous thing that can happen is for Peyton Manning to get a running game to complement him. If Denver can go into the playoffs able to pass, run and rush the passer? That makes them very scary.

    4. Seattle (4) - the champs are most definitely back. Seattle's defense is back to championship caliber level and Russell Wilson is consistently making clutch plays. Statworthy: Seattle's defense held Philly's offense to its worst total output in the Chip Kelly era.

    5. Detroit (7) - it comes as no surprise, but the Lions are such a different team with Megatron in the lineup. He has 304 yds. in the last 2 games. With their D, and now an offense, the Lions could make some playoff noise.

    John McMullen @JFMcMullen · 14m14 minutes ago

    #Lions' Calvin Johnson now has 43 100-yard receiving games. Only Randy Moss (45) had more in first eight @NFL seasons
    6. Philadelphia (5) - I'm still not sold on the Eagles, particularly their defense, but there's no one else really worthy of being this high. Statworthy: the Eagles had 3 turnovers Sunday. They came into the week leading the league in turnovers with 28. Bonus Statworthy: Mark Sanchez completed just 2 passes that traveled farther than 5 yards in the game.

    7. Indianapolis (6) - the Colts overcame a horrible offensive day in Cleveland to pull out the win. Luck had two INT's and his receivers didn't help him with 6 drops, including 3 by Reggie Wayne. Luckily they faced a Cleveland offense that has just 2 touchdowns in their last 4 games. Statworthy: the Colts are 6-0 against teams with a losing record, but just 2-4 against teams with a winning record.

    8. Dallas (10) - Dallas made easy work of the bears, leading 35-7 at one point before Chicago put up some garbage time points. Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray both had excellent games. Statworthy: Murray topped 100yds for the 11th time this season, tying Emmitt Smith's single-season franchise record. Bonus Statworthy: Since the start of the 2009 season, only Aaron Rodgers has a better TD:INT ratio in December than Tony Romo (37:8)

    9. Arizona (9) - the Cardinals may have lost Andre Ellington for the season, but got a career day from Kerwynn Williams to outlast the Chiefs in a low scoring game. Arizona will have to get more from its offense to be a contender though. Statworthy: Drew Stanton has the highest yards per attempt average in the league at 11.3.

    10. San Diego (8) - San Diego's defense had a strong day, but New England's was even better on this day. Statworthy: Rivers was just 2 for 10 on passes traveling more than 5 yards downfield. Bonus Statworthy: Rivers is now 0-5 all time versus Tom Brady.

    Honorable Mentions

    Pittsburgh - a big, big win in Cincinnati to keep their playoff hopes alive. They said they would ride Le'Veon Bell, and that's what they did as he put up another 200 all-purpose yard day.

    ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo · 2h2 hours ago

    Le'Veon Bell (PIT): 2nd player in NFL history with 200 yards from scrimmage in 3 straight games (Walter Payton in 1977); @EliasSports
    Baltimore - like Pittsburgh, the Ravens pulled out a must win game in Week 14 to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Ravens overcame an early 10pt deficit to get the win. Statworthy: Joe Flacco is tied with Eli Manning for the most red-zone interceptions over the last 3 seasons with 7.

    Cincinnati - A horrible day for Andy Dalton, giving up 543yds and 42 points to the Steelers Sunday, well if some fans are to be believed. Dalton actually played very well Sunday (72.4%, 302yds, 3 total TD's) but did have one very costly turnover early in the 4th quarter that helped swing momentum that the Bengals could never get back. Statworthy: Andy Dalton became the first Bengals QB to throw for 300yds against the Steelers since Jon Kitna in 2003. Bonus Statworthy: AJ Green (20) is second to only Randy Moss (24) in 100yd receiving games in their first four seasons.

    ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo · 3h3 hours ago

    20th career 100-yd receiving game for A.J. Green, tied for the 2nd-most in Bengals history. Only Chad Johnson (31) has more.
    Bottom 5

    28. New York Jets (28) - another week, another disappointing loss for the Jets. This week they lost a winnable game in overtime on an 87yd bubble screen. Statworthy: the Jets are tied with the Raiders for fewest forced turnovers in the league with 8.

    29. Oakland (32) - what a performance by Derek Carr who's starting to look like he may be the class of this year's QB's. Their defense stepped up too, forcing another bad day by Colin Kaepernick. How bad?

    @NFLonCBS: 49ers fans are now burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys: http://cbsprt.co/1qnfWMV
    30. Washington (29) - can things get much worse in Washington? Maybe, but I'm not sure at this point. At one point, the fans were chanting for RGIII to come back, and they got their wish because of a McCoy injury. Could Gruden be one and done in Washington despite a 5yr guaranteed contract? Statworthy: since the start of the 2013 season, only the Raiders (5-23) have a worst record than Washington (6-22). Bonus Statworthy: All of Washington's QB's stink.

    @nwagoner: today's Rams coin toss captains were the 6 active roster players team acquired using picks from RG3 trade.
    31. Tampa Bay (31) - it took 14 weeks, but the Bucs were finally eliminated from playoff contention this week. So much for winning the offseason. Statworthy: while this game was a blowout, the Bucs have been in 8 games this year decided by one score, going 1-7 in them.

    32. Tennesee (30) - the Titans continue to be just a sad team. Both Locker and Mettenberger played again this week, both turned the ball over again. Their defense got ran all over as well. Statworthy: Mettenberger is now 0-5 as a starter.

    What Say You FP?

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    1. vancemeek's Avatar
      I'm still not sure Arizona is a top 10 team.
      Cincinnati is in mega - trouble.
      I said prior to the draft (and was soundly bashed for) Derek Carr would be the best QB from the draft. I'm still comfortable saying that.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      The Bears D should at least be dishonorably mentioned
    1. edave's Avatar
      Things are remarkably unsettled this late in a season filled with Jekyll and Hyde performances.

      Which teams will we see this week has to be factored into potential outcomes (along with the usual ratings stuff, match ups and special teams, home/away, etc.) and it is giving me a headache.

      I'm still not sold on the Packers at number 1 but that's how things have sorted out to this point. Sam Shields did a passable impersonation of Helen Keller last week, this week he'll likely see a bit of Sammy Watkins. The offense runs hot and cold (it always has) and faces a very good defensive club. We'll see how they do on that nasty turf in Buffalo (Sitton's toe is going to ache).

      Quote Originally Posted by vancemeek View Post
      I'm still not sure Arizona is a top 10 team.
      I hear you. I've yet to commit to a winner for Thursday night.