• Wagers & Lagers Week 15: Brevity loves company.

    Happy Holidays, humans. All our best to you and yours.

    Without further ado....

    Bills (-1.5) @ Redskins
    1:00 PM (ET), FedEx Field, Landover, Md.—FOX

    RG: Sorry guys, I broke a tooth yesterday, so just picks from me this week. PICK: Redskins

    PS: Despite an overwhelming desire to punch Jay Gruden in the face, I kinda like this Washington team. PICK: Redskins

    MK: I'm feeling some peer pressure to keep this short. The Redskins are a below-average team that have been bumped up to near the .500 mark because—and I'm not making this up—they've recovered more fumbled than any team in the NFL. Football Outsiders has known for years that fumble recoveries are entirely random. I'll look for a regression next year. PICK: Bills

    Panthers (-4.5) @ Giants
    1:00 (ET), MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.—FOX

    RG: Time for weird crap. PICK: Giants

    PS: The Giants will not break the Panthers' streak. Yet. That will come in the playoffs. PICK: Panthers

    MK: The Giants have the worst passing defense in football and a run defense that's simply average. There's so much history between the Giants and undefeated Patriots teams that someone might forget how well New York matches up with the Pats, and how badly they pair up here. The last four meetings between Carolina and New York have been decided by an average of 28 points, with no game being closer than thirteen. PICK: Panthers

    Chiefs (-7.5) at Ravens, o/u 42
    1:00 (ET), Baltimore, Md.—CBS

    RG: Playoff team v. Dead team. PICK: Chiefs, Under

    PS: The surge continues for KC. However, I see Baltimore keeping it interesting. PICK: Chiefs, Over

    MK: The Chiefs won't get caught looking forward to that game against the Browns next week. Without Joe Flacco, this is a nightmarishly bad offensive team. Like, as bad as any Browns team you've ever seen or heard about in the last decade, and I should know. PICK: Chiefs, Under

    Packers (-3) at Raiders
    4:05 (ET), Oakland, Calif.—FOX

    RG: Raiders need one more good draft pick. PICK: Packers

    PS: The Raiders do need one more good draft pick. Good thing for them good draft picks can be found outside the top ten. PICK: Raiders

    MK: What are these good draft picks you guys are talking about? PICK: Raiders

    Browns at Seahawks (-14.5)
    4:05 (ET), Seattle, Wash.—FOX

    RG: This line can't get too high for me. I'd take Hawks at 20. PICK: Seahawks

    PS: While I have actual faith in Johnny Football's future - and therefore, that of the Browns - I can't see them coming close to a rolling Seattle squad. PICK: Seahawks

    MK: Did you know Russell Wilson has been sacked 39 times this year? That's top five in the NFL bad, along with Tennessee, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Kansas City. Against the Titans and the Niners, the Browns defense was actually able to get after the quarterback, for seven sacks against Tennessee and nine sacks against San Francisco. With the back-door cover very much in play, I'm comfortable going against the grain here. PICK: Browns

    Broncos at Steelers (-6)
    4:25 (ET), Pittsburgh, Pa.—CBS

    RG: Broncos D better than this line. Steelers will win, though. Broncos

    PS:Steelers, Steelers, Steelers. Steelers, Steelers, Steelers, Steeleres. Wait. Was I speaking Steelers? PICK: Steelers

    MK: It's finally cold two hours west of Pittsburgh. These are tight, defensive conditions. PICK: Broncos

    Cardinals (-3.5) at Eagles, o/u 50.5
    8:30 (ET), Philadelphia, Pa.—NBC

    RG: This is when we see how bad East is. As if we needed a reminder. Cards, Under

    PS: Iggles are starting to figure things out offensively. They still can't cover the deep ball. Bombs away, Carson. PICK: Cardinals, Over

    MK: They flexed into this game, right? Which probably means that, a couple weeks ago and in the aftermath of the Eagles getting demolished at Detroit, it was decided that the whole country wanted to watch a 4-7 Philadelphia team. It must be a charmed existence, being from the east coast. PICK: Cardinals, Over


    PS: Chances are we all have some kind of holiday pot-luck to attend this year.

    Want to be a hit while keeping things simple and easy?

    Mom's Cocktail Meatballs
    • 3 lbs. Armour Italian flavored frozen meatballs (or equivalent). You can go homemade if you like, but the idea here is to make this quick and easy.
    • One 18 oz. jar Welch's Grape Jelly
    • Two 12 oz. bottles Heinz Chili Sauce
    Combine all in a crock pot and cook until hot.

    Simple. Economical. Portable. Oh, and damn tasty. Thanks, Mom.


    I have no words. Seasons Greetings.

    Leinekugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter


    RG: 6-3-0, 60-58-2
    PS: 7-2-0, 59-59-2
    MK: 3-6-0, 57-61-2

    Rich Gapinski, Patrick Sullivan, and Matt Kocsan are staff writers at FootballPros. Each week, they pick the most difficult games of the week based on the Tuesday morning lines and produce this column for their—and hopefully your—amusement. You can follow them on twitter @PolishedSports (Rich), @GoBigOrGoHome2 (Patrick), and @kocsan (Matt).

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    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      I'd like to extend my thanks to the TV gods for delivering this Ohio resident a Bengals free Sunday.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      Is this correct?

      I have Biggie at 7-2, Me at 6-3 and Matt at 3-6.

      We forgot the standings this week. That means:

      RG: 60-58-2
      PS: 59-59-2
      MK: 57-61-2

      Amazing that it is this close.
    1. Nancy's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Sullivan View Post
      I'd like to extend my thanks to the TV gods for delivering this Ohio resident a Bengals free Sunday.
      And I was an hour and a half west of Cincy and STILL didn't get the game, saw the nightmare Pittsbugh instead. What's a girl got to do to see a Bengals' victory????